Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Grand Ole Opry Line-up-August 14,1954

As we continue our Tuesday tradition of posting Opry line-ups from the past, this week we go way back in time, to Saturday August 14, 1954. Hope you enjoy!!!

7:30: Ernest Tubb(host); Rod Brasfield; Marty Robbins; Moon Mullican; Minnie Pearl; Chet Atkins
8:00: Hank Snow(host); Bill Monroe; Webb Pierce; June Carter; Martha Carson; Possom Hunters; Dale Potter
8:30: Roy Acuff; Fruit Jar Drinkers; Ferlin Huskey; Jug Band; Ray Price; Lonzo and Oscar; Oswald; Jimmy Riddle; Howdy Forrester
9:00: Carl Smith(host); Jimmy Dickens; George Morgan; Crook Brothers; Anita Carter; Grandpa Jones; Jordanaires; Chet Atkins
9:30: Roy Acuff(host); Howdy Forrester; Lew Childre; Cowboy Copas
9:45: Roy Acuff(host); Goldie Hill; Oswald; Jimmy Riddle
10:00: George Morgan(host); Bill Monroe; Martha Carson; Blue Grass Boys
10:15: Hank Snow(host); Ray Price; Grandpa Jones; Chubby and Tommy
10:30: Ernest Tubb(host): Jimmy Dickens; Ferlin Huskey; Duke Of Paducah; Mother Maybelle; Moon Mullican; Chet Atkins
11:00: Webb Pierce(host); Carl Smith; Cowboy Copas; Rod and Minnie; Lonzo and Oscar; Gully Jumpers
11:30: Hank Snow(host); Lew Childre; Goldie Hill; Crook Brothers
11:45: Marty Robbins(host); Sam and Kirk; Fruit Jar Drinkers; Dot and Smokey

What a line-up from back when the Opry was in its prime. A couple of interesting notes:
>The 7:30 segment was the Prince Albert show that was broadcast on NBC radio.

>Counting the main artists, there are 30 listed on the program. Of those 30, 16 ended up being elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame.
>Marty Robbins did the 1st segment and the last segment of the show.
>The Opry was still running its 1 show format. The Opry tried to schedule each artist 2 times per show, once during the 1st half of the show and once during the 2nd half. Many people would leave the show after seeing each artist perform once, then, based on the number of people leaving, management would allow more people to come in, on a general admission basis. That is one reason for the long lines that you see in many of the historical pictures of the Opry at the Ryman, as people were waiting to get in. Another reason for the long lines early in the day was that most seats were general admission and the fans wanted to get the best seats possible.

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  1. Terrific stuff! Kind of interesting, too--when we think about who's hosting segments. One of the senior members, Bill Monroe, wasn't hosting, but newer ones like Webb Pierce and Carl Smith were.