Saturday, May 16, 2009

Book Recommendation

Over the years, I have acquired a large collection of country music books, especially books relating to the golden years of classic country music and have had the opportunity to meet many of the authors. Recently I came across a new book that was recently published and a book that I highly recommend: "In the Beginning....There Was the Men's Room." The author of the book is Sam Wellington and the book tells the story of The Fabulous Four Guys. It is a nice paperbook book that can be purchased on Amazon, and the book really told in detail the story of the group and gave me a different feeling about the group. These were really a talented group of guys, and really did a lot in country. Sam tells how the group was formed and how they ended up in Nashville, and becoming members of the Grand Ole Opry. Stories are told about working with Jimmy Dean and Ferlin Husky. And, Sam also talks about the mistakes that were made within the group, how they tried over and over to have a hit record, and the story on how the group ended up losing their Opry membership after 32 years. Overall, I think Sam presents a good inside look at the group, and I think this is a book that any fan of The 4 Guys should read.

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