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Classic Grand Ole Opry Line-up 11/14 &11/15, 1980

As we continue our look at Grand Ole Opry line-ups from the past, this week I take a look at the weekend of November 14th, and 15th, 1980. This was a difficult time period for the Opry. When the Grand Ole Opry first moved to the new Grand Ole Opry House at Opryland, the crowds had picked up, especially in the summer months when the park was open. However, during the winter months, the crowds were down. It was also during this period that the Opry's cast really started to age and the reputation of the Opry was becoming more of a living historical museum of country music rather than a place to go see the newer and hot stars of country music. This was also the period of time that the Opry basically stopped adding new members. Prior to this weekend that we are featuring, the last new members added were Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers and Ronnie Milsap, both added in 1976. After that, the next new member was John Conlee in 1981, followed by Ricky Skaggs and The Riders In The Sky in 1982. There are some who say that after the Opry moved to Opryland, it distanced itself more from the general country music scene than it had before. The result of all of this is that every Opry show seemed the same with the same older cast performing each and everyweek. I know from personal experience that during the winter months, there were plenty of seats available for each show. Let's take a look back at the line-up for that weekend:

Friday November 14, 1980
7:30: Cracker Barrel: Jimmy C. Newman(host); Lonzo and Oscar; Ernie Ashworth; Connie Smith
8:00: Dollar Stores, Odom Sausage: Jim and Jesse(host); Skeeter Davis; Del Wood
8:30: Kroger, Sunbeam: Roy Acuff(host); The Wilburn Brothers; The Four Guys
9:00: Batlz, Wrangler: Ray Pillow(host); Wilma Lee Cooper; The Carlisles
9:30: Beechnut Tobacco: Billy Walker(host); Jan Howard; Ray Price
10:00: Ernest Tubb Record Shop: Billy Grammer(host); Vic Willis Trio; Boxcar Willie
10:30: Rudy's Sausage: Jack Greene(host); Jeannie Seely; Stu Phillips
11:05: Grand Ole Gospel Time-Rev. Jimmy Snow, Evangel Temple Choir

Saturday November 15, 1980
First Show
6:30: Mrs. Grissoms: Jack Greene(host); Jeannie Seely
6:45: Rudy's Sausage: Stonewall Jackson(host); Lonzo and Oscar; Connie Smith
7:00: Shoneys: Porter Wagoner(host); Skeeter Davis; Jerry Clower; Jim and Jesse; Ernie Ashworth
7:30: Standard Candy: Roy Acuff(host); Wilma Lee Cooper; Stu Phillips; Boxcar Willie; The Crook Brothers; The Tennessee Travelers
8:00: Martha White: Billy Walker(host); Jan Howard; Ray Pillow; Billy Grammer; The Wilburn Brothers; Del Wood
8:30: Acme Boots: Hank Snow(host); Vic Willis Trio; Roy Drusky; The Carlisles; The Four Guys; The Fruit Jar Drinkers

Second Show
9:30: Kelloggs: Porter Wagoner(host); Skeeter Davis; Lonzo and Oscar; Connie Smith; The Four Guys
10:00: Little Debbie Snak Cakes: Jack Greene(host); Jeannie Seely; Ernie Ashworth
10:15: Union 76: Roy Acuff(host); Stonewall Jackson; Jim and Jesse
10:30: Trailblazer: Jerry Clower(host); Wilma Lee Cooper; Stu Phillips
10:45: Beechnut: Roy Drusky(host); Billy Grammer; The Crook Brothers; The Tennessee Travelers
11:00: Coca-Cola: Hank Snow(host); The Wilburn Brothers; Jan Howard; Boxcar Willie; The Fruit Jar Drinkers; Kirk McGee
11:30: Bama Jelly: Billy Walker(host); Vic Willis Trio; Ray Pillow; Del Wood; The Carlisles

All of the artists on the Saturday show were Grand Ole Opry members, but notice the number of Opry stars missing including Jimmy Dickens, Bill Monroe, Grandpa Jones; Bill Anderson among others.

The only non-Opry member on the Friday show was Ray Price, no stranger to the Opry.

We hope you enjoy this look at the past and if you do, tell others so that they can share. Lot's of folks are checking us out, so please spread the word. Don't forget, if you get the chance and are in the Nashville area, Jim Ed Brown and The Browns are the host of the Midnight Jamboree and will be on the Opry tonight. If you cannot be there in person, be sure to listen on-line.

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  1. I am going to try to post a classic lineup. Here goes!

    Friday, October 18
    7:00, Sustaining, Jim Ed Brown, Bob Luman, Jeanne Pruett, Del Wood
    7:30, Varallo, Jack Greene, Jeannie Seely, The Four Guys, The Promenaders
    8:00, Odom Sausage/U.S. Borax, Bill Monroe, Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper, Billy Grammer
    8:30, Kroger/Sunbeam, Roy Acuff, Jan Howard, Jerry Clower, Charlie Walker
    9:00, Baltz Bros./Schlitz, Wilburn Brothers, Carlisles, Hank Locklin, The Promenaders
    9:30, Acme Boot/Beechnut, Billy Walker, Willis Brothers, Charlie Louvin
    10:00, Cee Bee/Schlitz, Osborne Brothers, Ernie Ashworth, The Tumbleweeds
    10:30, Shoney's, David Houston, Stu Phillips, Ray Pillow

    Saturday Matinee
    3:00, Charlie Louvin, The Carlisles
    3:30, The Four Guys, Jim & Jesse
    4:00, Justin Tubb, Hank Locklin
    4:30, Roy Acuff, The Willis Brothers

    Saturday, October 19
    6:00, Vietti, Bill Anderson, Willis Brothers, Carlisles, 4 Guys, Ernie Ashworth, Mary Lou Turner
    6:30, Mrs. Grissoms, Jack Greene, Jeannie Seely, Charlie Walker, Jerry Clower
    6:45, Rudy's, Jim Ed Brown, Jan Howard, Jim & Jesse
    7:00, Rudy's, Porter Wagoner, Connie Smith, Justin Tubb, Del Wood, Barbara Lea
    7:30, Standard Candy, Roy Acuff, Dottie West, Hank Locklin, Marion Worth, Crook Brothers, Stoney Mountain Cloggers
    8:00, Martha White, Ernest Tubb, Wilburn Brothers, Dolly Parton, Billy Grammer, Osborne Brothers
    8:30, Stephens Work Clothes, Hank Snow, Billy Walker, Jeanne Pruett, David Houston, Fruit Jar Drinkers

    9:30, Kelloggs, Bill Anderson, Willis Brothers, Jerry Clower, Ernie Ashworth, Charlie Walker, Mary Lou Turner
    10:00, Fender Guitar, Ernest Tubb, Jim Ed Brown, Connie Smith, Carlisles, Jan Howard
    10:15, Union '76, Jack Greene, Jeannie Seely, Jim & Jesse, Dottie West, Justin Tubb
    10:30, Trailblazer Dog Food, Porter Wagoner, Hank Locklin, Wilburn Brothers, Osborne Brothers, Barbara Lea
    10:45, Beechnut, Roy Acuff, 4 Guys, Billy Grammer, Del Wood, Minnie Pearl, Crook Brothers, Tennessee Travelers
    11:00, Coca-Cola, Hank Snow, Dolly Parton, Billy Walker, Barbara Mandrell, Fruit Jar Drinkers, Sam & Kirk McGee
    11:30, Baltz Bros., Charlie Louvin, Jeanne Pruett, David Houston, Marion Worth