Monday, October 19, 2009

Opry Country Classics-Thursday October 22

Here is the line-up for this week's Opry Country Classics-Thursday October 22nd

7:00-9:00: This week, "Great Country Duets"
Host: Dana Williams
Also Appearing: Jenna Basso; Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius; Charlie Louvin; Raul Malo; Opry Square Dancers; Bobby Osborne & The Rocky Top X-Press; The Wrights;
Spotlight Artist: Lorrie Morgan

Just a couple of comments regarding this show:
>The theme is a good one as there have been lots of country duets in the history of country music and the Grand Ole Opry, but when looking at the line-up, except for a couple, I just don't see it. Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius was one of the top duets in country music for several years. Good choice. And, I hope that Sonny Osborne will come out and sing with Bobby, and have an Osborne Brothers mini-reunion. That would be nice also. But, I am trying to think: how many duets did Lorrie Morgan, Raul Malo and Jenna Basso have? Of Course, Charlie Louvin is famous for his duets, so I am thinking that one, or several of the artists, will do a few Louvin Brothers duets. I would ask why Jack Greene and Jeannie Seely are not in this line-up? And of course, there are others. Like I said, good idea, but I question the talent line-up.


  1. I agree. In Lorrie's case, it probably isn't well-known enough that she toured with George Jones before she was recording in her own right, so she did all of the duets he did ... as she put it, when he showed up!

  2. Yeah, I was kind of wondering about the lineup, too. How about Bill Anderson and Jan Howard? And you've got to give the management the benefit of the doubt...maybe they don't KNOW that Jack and Jeannie once sang together. :p

  3. Wondered who this Jenna Basso is. She apparently won a talent showcase affiliated with Belmont University. She has done a demo.

  4. Again, how can they justify a price of $50.00 for a prime seat when they are featuring a demo singer as part of the line-up? You could maybe get away with it if your spotlight artist or host was a "hot" star, but as nice as Lorrie Morgan is, she is past her prime as an artist. And I agree with the other comments. You have Bill Anderson and Jan Howard; Jack & Jeannie among others. Of course, if you are featuring duets, this would have been the perfect show to have asked Willie Nelson to be on as he has sung with just about everyone!!!

  5. Or even Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley who were on a few weeks ago (don't know if I'd call them a "classic" duet but they did do some chart topping duets). Perhaps the Bellamy Brothers? Of course I gave up trying to figure out the thinking of the powers that be in Nashville shortly after they decided to shutter Opryland.