Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grand Ole Opry Returns To GAC

The Grand Ole Opry will return to GAC (Great American Country), for 1 night, on December 19 at 9:00pm. This will be a network replay of the MySpace show that was on last month. The show features Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Rodney Atkins and Jack Owen. It will be hosted by Nan Kelly of GAC.

I attempted to watch the MySpace internet feed the night of the show and was frustrated at the poor quality of the stream. Others told me the same thing. I do not know if I will watch the show this Saturday night or not as I saw some of it once and the artist line-up is not one that really wants me to watch it again. I would be interested to see if GAC does any editing to the program or just replays the MySpace stream, since they were the onces that produced it in the first place.

I have not heard if this will mean that the Opry will return to GAC or not. Currently the Opry does not have a television contract and toward the end of the deal between the Opry and GAC, there were some issues, some of which was that Pete Fisher and the Opry management was not all that happy with GAC.

At the very least, it would appear that the Opry and GAC are open to running special shows on an irregular basis, and I am sure that if these specials were on, GAC would have a big say in who the artists would be that would be on these televised shows. As usual we will update when new information is available.

Finally, best wished to a couple of Opry members who have had some health issues. Del McCoury underwent emergency gallbladder surgery last week and is back at home recovering. And Loretta Lynn cancelled several shows due to the flu. She is to receive an honorary Grammy Award in January based on career achievement. Congratulations to Loretta.


  1. As I've stated before, "out of sight is out of mind." The Opry became significantly less relevant over the past year without TV and the lineups on Saturday have suffered without the regular TV shows. Hope they figure out something here soon.

  2. agree!!...As a fan, I miss the Opry on GAC. It exposes the music, the artist, and I really looked forward to the shows, very disappointing for the viewers.- GAC and the Opry need to figure things out and get it back on the air, so all can enjoy the Opry Live, and again spark interest in the Opry, the artist and GAC