Sunday, January 10, 2010

Grand Ole Opry-3/22 & 3/23, 1991

It has been a little while since I have posted a classic Grand Ole Opry line-up from the past. This time I have posted the line-ups from Friday March 22 and Saturday March 23, 1991. There was really nothing special about these shows that I attended. In fact, everyone who was on the Opry both of those nights were Opry members, with the exception of Os and Charlie, and Brother Oswald would become a member later on. The reason Os and Charlie were on the Opry during this period was that Roy Acuff was ill and many times in his career when he was unable to be at the Opry, he would ask managment if his band could be on so that they did not miss a payday. Opry management would do that back then, but like many other things, those days are long past.

Now for the line-ups. There was 1 show on Friday night and 2 shows on Saturday night.

Friday March 22, 1991
7:30(Cracker Barrel) Jimmy Dickens(host); Skeeter Davis; David Houston; Jim and Jesse
8:00(Bush Beans, Grand Ole Opry Tours) Bill Monroe(host); Wilma Lee Cooper; Justin Tubb; Ray Pillow
8:30(GMC Truck, Hamburger Helper) Jim Ed Brown(host); The 4 Guys; Jeanne Pruett
9:00(Pillsbury, Fiddlers/Ramada Inn) Bill Anderson(host); Jean Shepard; The Carlisles; Billy Walker; Os and Charlie
9:30(Dollar General Store) Jack Greene(host); Jan Howard; Mike Snider
10:00(Goody's Headache Powder) Grandpa Jones(host); Stonewall Jackson; Charlie Louvin; Dottie West
10:30(Kraft Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese) Jimmy C. Newman(host); Jeannie Seely; Charlie Walker; Johnny Russell
11:05: Grand Ole Gospel-Rev. Jimmy Snow

Saturday March 23, 1991
First Show
6:30(Bonanza) The 4 Guys(host); Jan Howard
6:45(Country Music Foundation) Grandpa Jones(host); Stonewall Jackson; Os and Charlie
7:00(Shoney's) Jack Greene(host); Jeanne Pruett; Ray Pillow; The Whites
7:30(Standard Candy) Billy Walker(host); Jean Shepard; The Carlisles; Wilma Lee Cooper; Charlie Louvin
8:00(Martha White) Jimmy Dickens(host); Charlie Walker; Jeannie Seely; Jimmy C. Newman; The Opry Squaredance Band; The Melvin Sloan Dancers
8:30(Pops-Rite Popcorn) Jim Ed Brown(host); David Houston; Skeeter Davis; Roy Drusky; Stu Phillips

Second Show
9:30(Dollar General Store) Grandpa Jones(host); Jeanne Pruett; Billy Walker; Stonewall Jackson; The Whites
10:00(Little Debbie Snack Cakes) The 4 Guys(host); Jan Howard
10:15(Sunbeam) Jack Greene(host); Jean Shepard
10:30(Pet, Inc.) Jimmy C. Newman(host); Ray Pillow
10:45(B.C. Cold Powder) Jim Ed Brown(host); The Carlisles; The Opry Squaredance Band; The Melvin Sloan Dancers
11:00(Coke) Jimmy Dickens(host); David Houston; Justin Tubb; Jeannie Seely; Charlie Louvin
11:30(Creamette) Charlie Walker(host); Roy Drusky; Skeeter Davis; Johnny Russell

I have to tell you that I really loved those 15 minute segments. Now for those of you who are counting at home, that was a total of 27 artists on the Friday night show, 25 on the first show on Saturday and 24 on the 2nd show. And that was with some of the Opry's veterans gone that weekend. Roy Acuff, Hank Snow and Porter Wagoner were not there and Bill Monroe and Bill Anderson were only on the Friday night show.

I hope you enjoy this look into the past.


  1. Wonderful, as always! Thanks for posting these. I promise to post some of mine again--it's a little tough in the comment section.

    A note or two. One, in programs I have seen from the 1940s and 1950s, Bill Monroe's band members in particular but some others in general would be identified in the lineup as performing as part of a segment. By the 1970s, though, Oswald was really the only side man with that kind of tenure, so I wondered if that had anything to do with it.

    Also, if I am correct, the 7:30 segment was televised on Saturday night. The junior member on that segment was the host, Billy Walker, who had joined in 1960. Ponder that today!

  2. You are correct about that segment being televised. Notice how it contained only Opry members and veteran Opry members at that.

  3. Hi Byron, I noticed that Dottie West was on the Opry on these dates which was the year she died (and these Opry shows were the weekend before the IRS located her items in storage). Do you have the lineup for the night of her accident on August 30th and also for the one in July? And if possible, could you please email me at regarding another request. Thanks very much! Ron

  4. I will have to look for those line-ups. I do not have them handy, but I have access to them. It may take me few weeks, but I will do my best.

  5. I can help you out here Byron!! Anonymous, the lineup as I have it for August 30, 1991 is:

    6:30-7(Opry Tours) Jimmy Dickens, Wilma Lee Cooper, Jim and Jesse, Jeannie Seely, Roy Drusky

    7-7:30(Randy Travis Enterprises) Porter Wagoner, Jim Ed Brown, Skeeter Davis, The Whites, Jack Greene

    7:30-8 (Cracker Barrel) Roy Acuff, Jimmy C. Newman, Connie Smith, The Carlisles

    8-8:30 (Bush's Beans/Rudys Farm) Jerry Clower, Jean Shepard, Billy Walker, Jan Howard (Dottie West was scheduled here in the lineup)

    8:30-9 (GMC/Hamburger Helper) Hank Snow, Del Reeves, Jeanne Pruett, George Hamilton, IV

    Second Show:
    9:30-10 (Dollar General) Porter Wagoner, Jeanne Pruett, Charlie Walker, Jimmy C. Newman, Connie Smith

    10-10:30 (Goody's Powder) Roy Acuff, Jimmy Dickens, Jim and Jesse, Stonewall Jackson

    10:30-11 (Pillsbury Hungry Jack) Jim Ed Brown, Del Reeves, The Whites, Jean Shepard, George Hamilton, IV

    11-11:30 (Fab Detergent) Hank Snow, Jack Greene, Skeeter Davis, The Carlisles, Justin Tubb

    11:30-12 (Kraft) Jerry Clower, Jan Howard, Billy Walker (Dottie West was scheduled here in the lineup)

    I have down in my notes that the accident occured at 8:11 Central Time. One of the craziest stories of star death to come out of Nashville.

    It was such a shame because Dottie was starting to make a lot more Opry appearances (as her career had peaked and she didn't appear much at the Opry in her heyday of the late 70s and early 80s) and you felt like she would have been there a lot more in the years to follow. This lady should be in the Hall of Fame and it is insane that she is not, but not any more insane, I guess, than The Browns, Jean Shepard, Jimmy Dean etc. etc. etc.

    I have down that Dottie West last Opry appearances were on both shows, Saturday, August 24. Anonymous, I can give you the lineup as I have it for that night if you would like

  6. Thanks so much for posting the line-up. It is much appreciated. Looking at the line-ups, it was another solid weekend of shows.

    Yes, Dottie West should be in the Hall of Fame. That one I don't understand, because she was pretty popular in Nashville and also with the other performers. Usually that helps to get you in.

    If the Hall of Fame follows their usual pattern that they have had for the past several years, the 2010 inductees should be announced by the end of January. I have communicated with a person who used to vote for the Hall of Fame members to see if she has a list of the 5 finalists in each category, but she didn't. She will try to let me know, but it maybe after the inductees are announced. It would be interesting to see who received serious consideration.

  7. It would be great to find out who the finalists were/are. Dottie certainly is deserving, as are Jean Shepard, Jim Ed Brown, and Jimmy Dean ... and many others! Actually, the last couple of years, I think they have made good choices in the categories. My problem is the categories! But if they didn't have one for instrumentalists and old-timers, none of them would get in these days, I suppose.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Finally, Roy Clark made it in. He was long overdue. Glad he got in while still living and able to enjoy it. Although Dottie West, the Browns, Dean and Shepard, the Wilburn Brothers, Stanley Brothers etc should all be in there first, since they do the categories. . .I would throw out there among the contemporary artists who are worthy of HOF induction: Charlie Daniels, Hank Jr., Ronnie Milsap, Kenny Rogers, Randy Travis, Ray Stevens, Oak Ridge Boys, Crystal Gayle, Reba McEntire, Ricky Skaggs. I think that Garth Brooks will be in early on for obvious reasons. Of course there many many more.