Friday, May 7, 2010

Gaylord Press Conference

The executives from Gaylord Entertainment had a press conference today and offered an update on the condition of their properties. Just to review the highlights, they stated:

Water inside the Opry House reached as high as 2 feet above the stage. Workers have begun the driving process. The shows will continue at alternate sites and it will be about another 10 days until Gaylord officials will have a better timeline as far as how long it will take to get the repair and restoration work done.

Colin Reed did say that the hotel should be opened by the end of the year. They will know in about a week if it will be open in time for Christmas.


  1. There is a report that the staff worked before the flooding to remove the most valuable material from the Opry House, so they presumably saved a lot of stuff. However, another report said that one of the storage places for country stars took a real hit, and cost Brad Paisley and Vince Gill most of their guitars and Lorrie Morgan her stage wardrobe.

  2. I saw the same thing Michael, but I haven't seen anywhere what items were saved from the Opry House or from the Opry Museum. I am have the wrong assumption, but I would think they would have tried to carry what they could up to the balcony of the Opry House, where they knew that the water would not get that high, or take the items over to Gaylord's corporate headquarters, which is very close to the Opry House. I also heard the report on Fox News.