Friday, October 22, 2010

Grand Ole Opry Line-Up 10/22 & 10/23-Update #2

Steve Wariner has been added for both shows on Saturday night, which is a nice addition. Also, Jim Ed Brown has been added for the 2nd show. I still find it hard to believe that the show is booked on the run, like this.

Amazing, but Pete Fisher found a couple of people from last night's Opry Country Classics who were able to do the Opry this weekend. Still spots to fill. Will update as they are added.

The big news at the Opry this weekend is the induction of Blake Shelton as the Opry's newest member. That will take place on Saturday night. Before I offer further comment, let me post the line-ups.

Friday October 22

7:00: George Hamilton IV(host); Jimmy C. Newman; Daryle Singletary
7:30: Jimmy Dickens(host); Jesse McReynolds & The Virginia Boys; Restless Heart
8:15: Mike Snider(host); Stonewall Jackson; John Michael Montgomery
8:45: Riders In The Sky(host); Connie Smith; Dailey & Vincent

Saturday October 23

First Show
7:00: Jimmy Dickens(host); Emily West
7:30: Mike Snider(host); Jan Howard; Jimmy C. Newman; Steve Wariner
8:00: Jean Shepard(host); Bobby Osborne & The Rocky Top X-Press; Trace Adkins; Opry Square Dancers
8:30: Jeannie Seely(host); Blake Shelton

Second Show
9:30: Jimmy Dickens(host); Connie Smith; Emily West
10:00: Mike Snider(host); Jean Shepard; Jim Ed Brown; Steve Wariner
10:30: George Hamilton IV(host); Trace Adkins; Opry Square Dancers
11:00: Jeannie Seely(host); Blake Shelton

My first reaction in looking at the line-up for both Saturday night shows is "you have got to be kidding me!!" Just when you thought that some of the line-ups were getting better you get this. First, they still haven't found any other acts to go in that opening slot except for Jimmy Dickens? I checked with the Opry this morning and it is still just Jimmy. What is Pete Fisher going to do, put a help wanted sign up on the readerboard? You telling me there is no one else available at 7:00 on Saturday night to sing? Just ridiculous that they are booking a show like this and expect someone to pay $54.00 for a seat!! Now, you do have the induction of Blake Shelton, which I was made to understand that Trace Adkins was going to handle. If that is the case, and I think it is, I am suprised that Trace is not hosting the segment that Blake is on. That has usually been the case in the past. But then again, with such an overall weak line-up, and with Trace and Blake they only real "big" names on that show, maybe Pete just wanted to spread the talent around. And, I am suprised that there are not more "stars" of the Opry on for the induction of a new member.

Now, for the 2nd Saturday show. Is that all we get? At first glance, it would appear that they are booking it like a Tuesday Night Opry show. Is it going to be a traditional Grand Ole Opry show or a Tuesday Night Opry special? Again, no answers from the Opry. If Pete had just scheduled some of the artists from the first show for the second show, it would at least look like an Opry show. Jan Howard, Jimmy C. Newman and Bobby Osborne all could have done the 2nd show. Stonewall Jackson is probably available and there are the legends that could have been scheduled to fill it out. Would any of them sold more tickets? Probably not, but at least it would have been a full line-up. And to fill out the first show, you could have probably added Connie Smith and George Hamilton IV, who are just scheduled for the 2nd show. Again, I just feel that for someone spending $54.00, why this? You might as well had only one show.

I will say that Friday looks ok. It is a full line-up with some variety.

Finally, as most of you know, the Opry has a toll free number that you can call to get tickets and other information, including the Opry's line-up. I called that number late last night and the Opry line-up that they are giving on the recording is the Opry line-up from the birthday weekend!! They have not updated their recording in 3 weeks!! Come-on folks. It is not that hard. I know some of those at the Opry read this, so please get your act together and quit running this place like a store front operation and instead, like a million dollar operation like it is!!! As we have complained before, at the ticket prices that are being charged, the fans coming expect a first class operation and quality line-ups with some star power. And just not occasionally, but every week. You have 67 members and a multitude of guests that you can book. Please do it!!!


  1. Chickens, in essence, are coming home to roost. Saturday night is exactly the kind of night where you get some of the long-timers who probably are not on the road--say, Ray Pillow, Stu Phillips, et al.--and put them on and say, tonight we're showing you those who built the Opry and those who will keep building it. But, instead, Pete Fisher is trying to keep out the legendary and longtime members, and this is what results. Actually, it makes me realize how stupid I can be. When Hal Durham was manager, I often thought the lineups were badly put together. Bob Whittaker made me nostalgic for Durham. And now ....

  2. At least back in the Hal Durham days, and even Bob Whittaker, you had a full line-up with 20-25 acts per show. The quality might have been down at times, but at least the numbers were there.

    Of course, that was a time when the ticket prices were only $6.75, so I don't think you were as upset as you could be paying $54.00 today. I know there is inflation now, etc, but that is still a rapid increase in ticket pricing.

    It does make be sad that the attitude of Pete Fisher seems to be that he would rather have no one perform than call Stu, Ray, Charlie or some of the others. Like I said, the legends probably wouldn't sell any more tickets, but for those attending, at least you would think you got a little more value for your money.

  3. Well put. To which I'll add, they can blame the economy and the flood all they want for low attendance, but if you don't have much to see on stage, why pay $54? I'm beginning to think longingly of the time when a bunch of CBS News correspondents upset with management got together and offered to buy the news division. I wonder how much money Vince Gill might pony up?

  4. In the case of Vince, I think he would have to ask Amy. Rumor has it she is one of the richest women in Nashville!!!

  5. Interesting that the Opry started its show last night with Blake Shelton singing, and then Jimmy Dickens hosting his segment. No squaredancers for the opening of the Opry and Jimmy sounded worst than he did on Friday night.