Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Night Opry In 2012

I was doing some checking this evening and found that the Opry is going to schedule a Wednesday Night Opry show for a couple of weeks this summer. The dates will be from July 18-August 8. I know that they were going to do this in 2010, but then the flood happened and the Wednesday night shows never took place. Last year they did not try it. It will be interesting to see how this additional mid-week show will do.


  1. Fred here:

    I sometimes wonder if the Opry wouldn't be better off loading up for Saturday night rather than spreading its attractions through the week. Granted, fans are in town for more than just Saturday, and there is a buck to be made; but if -- if -- this comes out of the hide of Saturday, hurting the original attraction, where's the long-term gain?

    Just thinking out loud -- although, to me, these thin, one-show Saturday nights are a killer. They sure wouldn't bring me to Nashville.

  2. I know when Opryland was open, they had numerous week night shows at the Opry, including Sunday matinees. I am sure that the motivating factor for doing it now is to make more money, which is the name of the game with Gaylord.