Saturday, February 25, 2012

Breaking News-No Jimmy Dickens Tonight

With the Grand Ole Opry underway, Jeannie Seely is hosting the first segment as Jimmy Dickens is absent tonight. After her first song, Jeannie mentioned that she was there instead of Jimmy as she was called in at the last minute. She said Jimmy was fine, but that it was Saturday night and "he had a date for the night and I didn't".

As I mentioned when I gave a rundown of the Friday Night Opry, Jimmy sounded so-so on Friday night.


  1. In addition to Jimmy Dickens missing on Saturday night, Jean Shepard was also not on. Tough night for the legends!!

  2. Byron:
    Heard anything? Is this the week the CMA will announce the Hall of Fame inductees for 2012?

    I talked to a CMA rep I know on Friday, and all she would say was "I'm hearing whispers". So I'm thinking the inductees already know. I guess now, it's just getting them in place for the announcement.

  3. Usually the announcement is made on March 1. If the Hall of Fame follows their usual pattern, they will announce the time of the
    press conference the day before, so that they can get media exposure.

    I know that last year, Jean Shepard was notified the weekend the announcement before concerning her induction. I am not sure about the others.

    I also know that the Hall of Fame always wants to make it a big splash, so they are very careful on who they tell ahead of time. I am sure one of their fears is that one of the artists will put it on their facebook page or twitter the news before it is announced.

    David, you might be right in your thinking.

  4. Boy, did I use bad language. I meant to say that Jean Shepard was notified the weekend before the public announcement of her Hall of Fame election.


    This is Bill Anderson's website--he writes great pieces for it, as you'd expect, and he talks about Jean Shepard the weekend before her induction was announced.

  6. If the announcement goes much past March 1st I will say that they must be having a hard time getting GARTH to fit it into his schedule.

    I'm thinking Mr. Brooks, Connie Smith and Johnny Gimble. But I might be fooled.

  7. I'm making a guess:Hank Jr.,Brother Oswald,June Carter Cash,Kenny Rogers,Ronnie Milsap,Johnny Gimble,Don Rich,Connie Smith,Archie Campbell.The Hall of Fame will pick 3 out of this list.

  8. Hey You Guys The Hall Of Fame Inductees Will Be Announced On Tuesday March 6

    1. Where did you read or hear about this?

  9. It is now on the CMA website that the HOF annoucement will be Tuesday morning.