Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blake Shelton Scheduled For Opry

The Grand Ole Opry has posted that Blake Shelton has been scheduled for Saturday March 2. I guess that answers the question as to what the Opry's management response would be to his remarks concerning country music and its veteran performers. I can almost guarantee that GAC will televise the show live, or tape it for replay later.

On another note regarding the March 2nd show, Scotty McCreery is also scheduled that night. Earlier that week on February 27, the Opry is doing a special show for the Country Radio Seminar that is taking place in Nashville. Scheduled for that show are Opry members Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, Josh Turner and Darius Rucker, along with guest artists Little Big Town, Dustin Lynch, Greg Bates and Kacey Musgraves. Also scheduled is the above mentioned Scotty McCreery. While I have not heard anything offical, or even in the rumor stage, I would maybe pay attention to the show that night. There might be some interesting news coming out of it.

As far as Blake Shelton, I am happy that he is coming back to do the Opry after being gone for over a year, but I think we all know it is nothing more than a public relations stunt to get him back in good standing with country music and its fans. We will see how his appearance goes. Personally, I would love nothing more than to have Blake perform on a segment hosted by Jean Shepard. I would gather that she would not be afraid to say something to Blake and put him in his place.

In another Opry note, Jimmy Dickens will again be missing this weekend from the show. It has been since December that Jimmy last did the Opry. The word is that he is doing fine and just resting at home, getting his voice back in order. Let's hope that is all it is.


  1. Here's hoping The Potato is indeed ok. If Scotty McCreery "gets it," fine, induct him.

    Frankly, Blake Shelton should have the opportunity to do a two-hour concert that night because everyone should refuse to appear with him.

  2. Michael,

    Careful what you wish for. It would be just like them to roll out the red carpet and give a hosting spot or the last fifteen minutes or half hour to him. I'm sure they can come up with enough supporters to fill the show with him. Maybe this will bring out Martina, Travis and the whole crew of no showz. Glad I'm not holding tickets for that night.

    I'm surprised that Jean Shepard is still on the show after what she said.

    Besides, he made up with Ray Price and Ray accepted his appology so everything is cool. When donkey's fly! Oh, but Blake meant every word, he just didn't mean to hurt anyone! At least not if anyone called him on it.

    I agree with Byron that it is just a publicity ploy and the Opry gets used again for some free publicity.

    Come to think of it, this would be a good night to make use of Jimmy Dickens and have him come back after being gone a couple months. This would surly be proof that the Opry embraces both old an new. Hope Pete is reading this. I just gave him next big publicitry stunt, maybe a couple.

    As you can tell, I'm tickled to death by all this!

    I do hope Jimmy Dickens is well and returns.

    Knightsville, IN

  3. He'll probably do a Ray Price song......

    I'm still not over it.

  4. Fred, Bismarck:

    So Paisley & Turner can find the Opry House to show their wares to the radio people but not to Opry goers. Whiz on 'em and all their tribe! As for Blake Shelton showing us we're not beneath his notice after all ... I guess our cup runneth over.

  5. Actually Fred, in reading the agenda for the Broadcaster's Seminar, the Opry show is not even at the Grand Ole Opry House, but downtown at the Nashville Convention Center. But you are right in the fact that some of these "big names" will do a special Opry show, but you can't get them to the Opry itself.

  6. Jim, I'm with you. But if we're talking publicity, the publicity the Opry would get from doing something to Jean Shepard--and it wouldn't be kept quiet, not with her--would be the worst possible scenario. Then again, if you're Pete Fisher, you can't stand the older artists anyway, except for the ones you're afraid might actually have some power--that Dickens might say something to Paisley, for example.

  7. From ANONYMOUS IN PA: The show at the CRS on the 27th is labeled an Opry CONCERT; it is NOT the Grand Ole Opry because it is a Wednesday night and will not be broadcast. It has 9 performers listed and only 4 are Opry members (all males); Brad, Josh, Darius and Vince. Also glad I won't be there for Blake's "event".

  8. With 9 performers listed and just 4 Opry members, that would make it the equivalent of the Tuesday Night Opry or the Opry Classics show on Thursday. I would bet they will still use the Opry backdrop much as they have done for previous special Opry shows. This would not be the first time they have done shows at other locations for special events. as far as it for being an Opry concert, they will still present it much like an Opry show, just no commercials and no broadcast-

  9. from PA: are tickets available for the public?

  10. The Broadcaster's Seminar is part of their annual convention and you have to be a member of that organization to attend. Perhaps you are a broadcaster or know one who can sign you up.

    Also, Blake Shelton has now been added to Friday March 1. Guess he is going to make a weekend out of it. Pete ought to be a happy man.

  11. from PA: my point about tickets was to respond to comments about the Opry being held at times in other locations and/or similar to the Tuesday or Classic shows; it is moot since the CSR is not open to the public; goes back to it being an Opry CONCERT but not the Grand Ole Opry; comparing apples to oranges; just saying. . . .