Monday, August 22, 2016

Tuesday Night Opry 8/23

The Grand Ole Opry is back to just the Tuesday Night Opry for the mid-week shows. As is always the case when Chris Janson is scheduled, which he is this week, I always listen to see if this will be the night he is asked to become the Opry's newest member. I still think it is going to happen at some point, perhaps very soon. 

7:00: Connie Smith; Steve Moakler
7:30: Chris Janson; Craig Morgan
8:15: Lorrie Morgan; Cole Swindell
8:45: Dierks Bentley

This will be Craig's first Opry appearance since the death of his son. I am sure it could be a little emotional for him. 

Enjoy the show and be listening if you can. 


  1. Who better to ask Chris Janson than Craig Morgan?
    I certainly hope Tuesday is the night.
    Nobody has worked harder for the 'Opry (and been rewarded less) than Chris Janson.

  2. Who knows what the Opry is thinking at any point? I have been a huge supporter of Chris Janson since the first time he appeared on the Opry stage. I watch his live video's on Facebook, when he is in concert and all I can say is that he and his harmonica are pure entertainment. Hopefully an Opry invitation will be extended soon, and I see it just like you, Nat, tonight would be just as good as any night to extend that invitation. Then I would somehow just HAVE to get to Nashville for the induction ceremony. Been to three inductions - Trace Adkins, Josh Turner and Carrie Underwood - they are just so special to watch.

    My heart goes out to Craig Morgan and his family, I am sure the last 5 weeks have been nothing short of a living hell for all of them. I am sure he will be emotional, poor guy and I am sure he will be given all the love and respect from everyone on stage, backstage, and the audience.


  3. Chris Janson is making his one hundred forty-ninth appearance tonight. He just stated that on WSM prior to tonight's 'Opry.
    Think about that a minute, folks.

    Jeanine, I hear you regarding Craig Morgan. Not sure how one deals with such a tragedy. Hopefully the crowd goes nuts for him tonight.

    1. Nat, I also heard this interview tonight - wow, 149th Opry appearance tonight - I think the Grascals are up there in the same number of Opry appearances as well. Chris told of chatting with Pete Fisher a couple of years ago saying how much he loved the Opry and how Pete Fisher replied "once you are really going strong with touring, you won't have time to come to the Opry." I found that statement by Pete Fisher quite interesting. It's been, I believe Byron has said, almost two years since a new member has been invited and inducted. I'm thinking it's very possible that since the Opry can't get their own members to show up, that they changed the way they are doing business - no more Opry members inducted, just have artists guesting with them.

      And Nat, I have no idea how one deals with a dying child or grandchild and I hope to God I don't ever have to find out.


    2. Pete Fisher was pretty much telling Chris what Roy Acuff told Ricky Skaggs back in the 1980's, when Roy was kind of bitter over all the new members joining the Opry and then not showing up. Even when Ricky's career was at its highest, he still found time for the Opry. Perhaps Chris would be able to also.

      On the other hand, maybe Pete is feeling a little let down after a few of those he asked to become members, such as Little Big Town, Blake Shelton and Keith Urban, to name a few, have left him standing at the altar.

  4. Well, I was able to listen through Chris's segment tonight and apparently tonight was not the night. I just don't understand how someone who is so supportive of the Opry and promotes the Opry every time he can, does not get an invitation to join.

  5. I'm afraid 'Opry membership, as we know it, is slowly being phased out.

  6. The comments Pete Fisher said are really disheartening to hear. The conversation Chris Janson had with him reminded me a lot of how Patsy Cline asked the Opry manager if she could become a member, and was given the job. In this case, Chris Janson was trying to be a bit more subtle about asking, and Mr. Fisher also subtly said "We appreciate your being on the show, but you'll never be a member because of the mistakes I made in the past."

    As sad as it is for us to hear that chris will probably never be a member, and membership will end completely, imagine how he feels. All these appearances hoping to make his dream come true, and just gets turned down for the job when he tries to apply for it. I wouldn't blame him if he didn't come back for a 150th appearance.

  7. Pete Fisher and his flunky henchman need flat out fired along with the Blake Shelton´s, Little Big Town, Keith Urban´s etc. Sorry Pete, you wrecked it, you messed up, dont let teh door hit you in the arse!!!!

  8. Is it possible that the Opry is now more reluctant to add new members after the legal issues they had with Stonewall Jackson? Maybe they are worried about future liabilities as potential members get older and have decided just to use guest artists with no future strings attached. Since the resolution of that case was not made public it's difficult to know what impacts it had on the Opry.