Friday, January 6, 2017

Breaking News-Travis Tritt Scheduled to Appear on the Opry

This is truly breaking news!! Hot off the press!!! Travis Tritt is scheduled to appear on the Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday February 28!! While that may not seem mind boggling it should be noted that this member of the Grand Ole Opry has not appeared on the Opry since 2007.

In this case, it will mark Travis's 25th anniversary as a member of the Opry, as he joined on February 29, 1992.

In all seriousness, it is nice to see Travis coming back to the Opry. I never heard any story as to why he no longer appeared but for what it is worth, he has not appeared on the Opry since the death of Porter Wagoner. Coincidence or something else?

I am sure all of us will welcome Travis back with open arms.


  1. Wow.I didn't realize that it has been that long since Travis has been on the Opry. I haven't heard anything from him in a long time. Glad to hear he is coming back.Bob

    1. I hope i'm not contradicting myself. But i'm thinking about Travis being a member and not being on the Opry in 9 years. Chris Janson has been on the Opry more than 150 times and he's still not a member. This doesn't make any sense to me. Bob

    2. You are certainly not alone in your thinking Bob.
      Apparently a love of the 'Opry is a detriment, while total disdain is viewed as perfectly OK.
      Oh, Chris is now at number 162.

    3. Thanks Nat. I'm sorry to say with the change that the Opry has made the wait is going to be even longer for Chris. Bob

    4. Bob;
      Inside information or just a hunch?
      I'm hoping the next general manager is somebody who is a quick study....

    5. I hope your right Nat. I'm a big fan of Chris. Bob

  2. Fred, Bismarck:

    If every Opry member were as regular in his attendance as Travis -- could be depended on for an appearance every decade or so -- we'd need only 520 members for a big-time draw every week, on average. Pete Fisher should get on it.

  3. Fred, Bismarck:

    Exciting news for fans of the early George Jones. On Feb. 24, Bear Family will release the 6-CD, with hardcover book, "BIRTH OF A LEGEND: The Truly Complete Starday and Mercury Recordings, 1954-1961."

    To me, these were George's very best years, before he began to get over-produced. I'll be there with my lawnmowing money in hand.