Monday, March 20, 2017

Country Music Hall of Fame Announcement

The Country Music Association posted on Twitter today that the 2017 Hall of Fame announcement will take place on Wednesday April 5. Vince Gill will be the host.

As previously stated, and in doing a quick check of the leading candidates, or those mentioned, Ricky Skaggs has a show in Nashville that evening. Alan Jackson, Brooks and Dunn, Hank Williams, Jr., Tanya Tucker, Crystal Gayle and Ray Stevens have nothing listed on their schedule for that date. I am sure others will chime in with a few more of their favorites.

Good luck to everyone and personally, I hope a few of the categories have ended in tie votes and we can get more than just one person in from each category.

(I know some have posted comments on other posts, but I thought there could be one central place for any comments).


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  2. You may want to edit this because the 2017 Hall of Fame announcement is actually Wednesday April 5th not Tuesday April 4th and also Ricky Skaggs doesn`t have a show on the 5th

    1. My Bad. Looking at the wrong calendar of events. Thanks. And Ricky's show is Tuesday night in Nashville, the night before.

  3. Byron:
    I think In all reality, the two artists will be from the seven you listed. I would also add as possibilites, The Gatlins and Marty Stuart and possibly Gene Watson. But I believe A posthumous induction chance is slim (unless there is a tie).
    And mentioning that, I have never found after years of research, what qualifies as a tie. I'm certain it's a simple number in vote margin, but you'd think they'd have that documented.
    I was thrown for a loop when Mac Wiseman was elected. Thrilled but surprised. The only other "surprises" such as that, that come to mind would first be the posthumous induction, or Jerry Lee Lewis or Stonewall Jackson.
    Guess we'll know soon.

    1. David, I did some checking and in 2008, there was a tie between Tom T. Hall and The Statler Brothers in the category, "Career Achieved National Prominence Between World War II and 1975," what today would be called the veterans category.

      From the press release at the time, "Traditionally the Country Music Association inducts one recipient in three separate categories of career achievement: between 1975 and present, between World War II and 1975, and pre-World War II. But this year there was a tie in the voting for the period between World War II and 1975 so both Hall and the Statler Brothers will be inducted in that category."

      In the voting, according to the Hall, the artist with the highest vote in each category, no matter the number or percent, is elected. If there is a tie in the voting, all those tied with the highest vote are elected.

      I agree that Mac Wiseman was really out of left-field, and well deserved I might add. Again, you never know what the voters are really thinking.

      One final note: there was such a discussion following the election of Pop Stoneman, with a number of people saying that he really wasn't a top notch candidate to be elected and pointing to how few individuals were left to consider from the pre-World War II era. The following year was when they changed the definition of the modern and veterans category.

  4. By nature of the beast, any Hall of Fame will always have deserving people just missing being included. But that is what makes the HOF special ----everyone can't get in ---- Glaser Brothers, Wilburn Brothers and Wilma Lee and Stoney will probably never make it, but they will burn forever in my mind as favorites, as well as many other fans ---- life is short --have fun with the little trials and tribulations, and be glad you remember folks some others will forget.
    Flushing, Michigan Dashmann

  5. It just dawned on me, that one artist none have mentioned is Patty Loveless. With a successful commercial career of 32 years, and well loved within the CMA and Nashville community, she may be on the list of those being considered in the Modern Category. In fact, if Tanya Tucker is being considered as a Veteran, Loveless would be at the top of my list of females that should be considered next for modern induction. Herself, The Judds and Martina McBride being my choices.

    1. Just saw that Patty's going to be on the Opry April 22nd. Maybe she's the reason they have Vince hosting instead of Brenda Lee. Hmmm.

      I've also been thinking it's going to be Ricky or Marty because they're great pickers like Vince.


    2. Really, whoever is hosting the announcement at the Hall of Fame has no bearing on who is elected. Over the past decade, Kix Brooks, Brenda Lee, Bill Anderson and now Vince, have hosted.

      If I read the calendar right, the following night is the Merle Haggard tribute show at the Bridgestone Arena with an all-star cast scheduled to appear. That would mean most of them will be in town the day before for rehearsals, which could be another reason why the announcement is scheduled for the day that it is.