Monday, June 12, 2017

Tuesday Night Opry 6/13 & Wednesday Night Opry 6/14

Things should be getting back to normal in Nashville this week now that the CMA Music Festival has ended and, sorry to say, the Nashville Predators lost in the Stanley Cup finals. But now that summer is upon us, the Opry begins a few weeks of Opry shows on Wednesday night, while the Thursday night Opry Country Classics have ended the spring run and will be coming back in the fall.

Regarding the Tuesday Night Opry, Grand Ole Opry members Rascal Flatts and Clint Black will be making appearances. For Clint, this is a rescheduled appearance from earlier this year from which he had to cancel due to illness. Interesting that they have given Rascal Flatts the entire last segment, while Clint, who rarely appears at the Opry, gets the normal 15 minutes.

7:00: John Conlee; Drew Baldridge
7:30: Henry Cho; Connie Smith
8:15: Carly Pearce; Clint Black
8:45: Rascal Flatts

The Wednesday Night Opry also has a pretty solid line-up:

7:00: Riders In The Sky; Ray Scott
7:30: Jo Smith; Restless Heart
8:15: Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers; Charlie Worsham
8:45: CeCe Winans; Ricky Skaggs


  1. It's not really a surprise if you think about it.
    I love clint! I opened for him when he was at his high point, but the young people have absolutely no idea who he is!
    The Flatts were not like, just another really popular group. For about a decade, they were the Alabama or Statler Brothers of a generation.
    Now days, I don't follow the stupidity on main stream country radio stations, and our older readers that didn't do that a few years ago when I did because it wasn't bad and paart of my generation might look at them as just another young group. They were not. They had star power that very VERY few ever come close to getting. That's why almost always, they'll get as much time as the Opry can give them.

  2. "CeCe Winans is an American gospel singer, who has sold over 12 million records worldwide and won ten Grammy Awards. She is the best-selling female gospel artist of all time, as of 2015."
    Wow, that's a pretty impressive resume!

    Have to wonder why the 'Opry doesn't have more Southern Gospel groups appearing from time to time.

    Saw Daily and Vincent last night followed by Little Roy and Lizzie at the Bill Monroe Blue Grass festival.
    Daily and Vincent sure aren't shy about pledging their joy in being members of the 'Opry, and I personally wish the 'Opry would let Little Roy and Lizzie appear just one time. They would blow the place away.

  3. @Nat Hill IV ... You know, I seem to remember that the Opry used to have one night of the year that was geared totally towards gospel music though it's been a long while since they have done this. And I was listening in when CeCe Winans was on just a few months ago, SHE.WAS.JUST.GREAT. So I agree with you, bring more gospel singers in ... and Cajun artists as well. We have lost some great Opry members in the last few years and their type of music is not being featured anymore. That's too bad.

    And you are correct, I have see Facebook Live video's with Daily & Vincent, they are always very happy to brag on the fact they are new members and I am happy they are. Let's hope they keep coming back month after month; year after year ... unlike so many members; Clint Black being just one of them and it appears that Marty Stuart has pretty well fallen off the face of the Opry page dedicated to him in their Opry book. Sad.

    @E.Z. Cleghorn ... I agree with you, as far as not listening to either of the Chicago "country" stations as they don't play country music and I agree with you, regarding the 30 minute segment though to a point.

    The younger people will not know who Clint Black is unless he is given the same thirty minutes as the Opry extends to Rascal Flatts and other members. I fully realize he doesn't appear all that often, so if the younger kids really don't know him and his music, it is because he does not appear but once every couple of years number one, and number two, he normally does the same two songs and he usually appears without a band. For me, I like his voice and music well enough to listen to him acoustically, but in my opinion, acoustic sets don't bode that well, though I could be wrong.

    I also think that unless the Opry member chooses not to be in this last 30 minute slot, or is unable to, for whatever the reason and that could be possible, the Opry should be fair and extend this 30 minute spot to ALL Opry members, not just to a rotating few.

    This entire week of Opry shows have great line-ups. Sundance Head (his first name is Jason) was so impressive last Thursday, so happy to see he will appear again on Friday along with Craig Morgan and Kathy Mattea - two great vocalists.

    Enjoy the shows this week everyone.


  4. Thanks Jeanene.

    1. @Nat ... as I am sure you heard, CeCe Winans will appear on every Wednesday Opry show in June ... what a voice. Good Opry show last night. :-)