Sunday, June 4, 2017

Tuesday Night Opry 6/6 & Thursday Night Opry 6/8

The CMA Music Festival, or Fan Fair as us "old-timers" still like to call it, gets underway later this week in Nashville. While not an official event, the Tuesday Night Opry has turned into one of the kick-off events for the week. As with most previous years, the Tuesday night shows will be highlighted by Grand Ole Opry member Carrie Underwood, and with the National Hockey League Stanley Cup playoffs off that night, she just happens to be available.

1st show
7:00: Diamond Rio; Frankie Ballard
7:30: Bill Anderson; Del McCoury Band
8:00: Margo Price; Dustin Lynch
8:30: Carrie Underwood

2nd show
9:30: Diamond Rio; Frankie Ballard
10:00: Carrie Underwood
10:30: Bill Anderson; Del McCoury Band
11:00: Margo Price; Dustin Lynch

Two pretty nice shows, but not as much star power as we have seen in the past with these Tuesday night CMA shows. But the Opry has compensated for that by adding a special Thursday Night Opry this week, with a very nice line-up highlighted by Opry member Blake Shelton. Just one show, but a good one.

7:00: Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers; Tracy Lawrence
7:30: Sundance Head; Steve Wariner
8:15: Trace Adkins; Oak Ridge Boys
8:45: Blake Shelton

Finally, let's not forget Marty Stuart's Late Night Jam, taking place on Wednesday June 7, starting at 10:00. That line-up includes:

Marty Stuart
The Wild Feathers
Rhiannon Giddens
Ashley McBryde
Tommy Emmanuel
Connie Smith & The Sundowners
Grand Ole Opry Square Dancers
Gary Mule Deer

And of course, usually a few special unannounced guests show up.

Enjoy the week of great shows!!


  1. MAN OH MAN! Thursday will be fantastic!
    As for Tuesday, no not very much star power, but CARRIE! It doesn't matter who else they put on with her, she'll sell the place out!
    Going back to our discussion from last week with Milsap. It's interesting to me that though his last #1 was like over 20 years ago, they still very much treat him like a headlining act. Which other legends have we seen get that spot. Just a random thought.

  2. Bless Carrie, she takes the Opry more seriously than, oh, I don't know, Brad and Trace and Darius and Keith and Garth and Trisha and ....

    Come to think of it, these days, she takes it much more seriously than does Connie Smith's lesser half.

  3. Also announced for Marty's Late Night Jam are Wynonna and Booker T Jones.

  4. Marty and Connie were in-studio with Eddie Stubbs last night. They announced that The Whites will also be on the Late Night Jam - and whoever else drops in - usually that happens after the CMT awards are over.

    Marty was lightheartedly teasing Eddie about listening to and playing "Green Onions" by Booker T and his MG's on his show - ugh no was the answer. Then Marty brought up Eddie playing Elvis on his show was brought up - "I will start playing Elvis of Rock n Roll on my show when the rock n roll stations start playing the King of Country Music Roy Acuff." 'nuff said - ol' Eddie pulls his rope pretty tight when it comes to the type of music he wants to play on his show and that's fine by me, WSM gives him latitude in music he chooses to play, then he has to play some of what they want him to play. That doesn't happen at many radio stations.

    AND I just heard on WSM (waiting to listen to tonight's Tuesday Night Opry show) that a second show has been added on Thursday .... oh my ... what a line-up.

    Enjoy all the Opry shows this week everyone - Fan Fair week is always exciting in Music City USA.


  5. Knows anybody if WSM will broadcast the Thursday Night Opry 6/8?

    1. Jeff Hoag said that WSM WILL be broadcasting the Thursday night Opry. Bob

  6. I have to assume WSM WILL broadcast the Thursday Night 'Opry. WSM broadcasts the 'Opry Country Classics show when it's on Thursday night.

  7. I listened to parts, hoping that Marty would mention when he would be at the Opry for his 25th anniversary as an Opry member, which will be later this year. His actual induction date was the end of November, but when he celebrated his 20th, the shows took place the first part of December.

    While not expecting the shows to be on the same scale as Vince Gill's 25th, I do expect some type of special show for Marty, much like his 20th, and I know I plan on being there. Like I said, I was hoping for some type of date being announced.

  8. @Anonymous, as @Unknown commented, I am in agreement, I don't remember an Opry show that was not broadcast live on WSM ... I would find it hard to believe they would not air both shows as they would any other show of the week.

    @Byron, you are right, I listened to the entire 2-1/2 hour show - there was no mention of Marty's 25th Opry anniversary in November or December. I am wondering if that is something that Opry management takes care of and then informs the Opry member but a little closer to the date - they always have a beautiful cake to celebrate whatever the occasion is.

    And I am thinking you are right, Marty's 25th will not be on the same level as Vince Gill's, his was great ... but I'm not expecting "Marty's party" to be anything special ... would be nice if they gave him a 30 minute spot though. Heck ya` never know, I could be surprised with more than what I am thinking he is going to get; Opry management gets very creative and does things entirely different for every invitation, induction, and celebration for all members.

    I am not seeing an update on the Opry website for a second show tomorrow night. Eric Marcum announced a second show just a minute or two before the end of his show and the start of the first Opry show. All I know is that I will be listening to both Opry shows tomorrow night.


  9. Jeanene, I just called the Opry's office and they told me that there is no second show for Thursday night and that there are a few single seats left for the show that is scheduled.

    1. Sorry that you ended up calling the Opry office, Byron ... thank you for taking the time to do so.

      I sincerely apologize for repeating something that is turning out not to be true.


    2. Knowing how accurate you are with your information and your listening skills, I am sure he did say there was going to be a 2nd show on Thursday. Probably wishful thinking or maybe the Opry was trying to set up a 2nd show and some of the artists didn't want to do it. I will say that with just one show, I am going to guess that it is going to run longer than scheduled.

    3. Thank you for the kind words and you are right, Byron. I would never intentionally mislead anyone for any reason.

      You are right, it is very possible some of the artists did not want to or were unable to because they had fan club parties or other things going tomorrow for Fan Fair - yes, this "old timer" will always call it that. It's my "rebel" side for traditional country music and not the music (albeit some of it is really good, other stuff not so much.)

      Larry and his brother's were just on and now one of my fave's, Tracy Lawrence. He has a great and very distinctive voice and recorded some great country music in the 90's .... "Can't Break It To My Heart", one of my Top 3 songs by him. Sure wish they would ask him to be an Opry member.

      Enjoy the show - unfortunately have to miss half of tomorrow night's Friday Night Opry due to having to work - maybe on good behavior and really moving those jars of "wax" I can get out earlier, not counting it though.

      They will probably archive it, I can listen to it at a later date.

      Enjoy the Opry shows and your weekend everybody.


    4. I don't know about anyone else, but I thought last night's Thursday Night Opry show was absolutely G.R.E.A.T.!!!!! Say what we will about Blake Shelton not appearing on the Opry as much as he should, and he really doesn't, but he sure can entertain the crowd and shows his love being on that stage when he does. Who would have thought when he came out with "The Baby" more than a dozen years ago, that he would get to the heights he has? It sure was great when he dueted with the Oaks, Steve Wariner (Linda, being one of my favorite songs by Steve - they sang and Steve played the fire out of that song, and by the way the audience responded, I could tell they loved it as well) and Trace Adkins with their hit "Hillbilly Bone" a fun song, nothing of substance, just fun.

      Another great night of music at the Opry!!!


  10. MAN! Diamond Rio is just terrible these days! Like that was so bad! Any idea why?

    1. A friend of mine and i noticed that. We thought maybe it was the Opry sound since they have had problems before. I guess i was just trying to find an excuse. Bob