Monday, May 21, 2018

Tuesday Night Opry 5/22 & Opry Country Classics 5/24

While many of us complain at times about the Opry's management and some of the decisions that they make, there are many good things that take place at the Opry and one of those is the annual "Salute to the Troops" which generally takes place the Tuesday before Memorial Day. The show honors members of the United States Military and always draws a great line-up of Opry talent. This year is no different, with two shows scheduled that night.

Tuesday Night Opry 5/22
1st show
7:00: John Conlee; Craig Morgan
7:30: Kellie Pickler; Lee Greenwood
8:00: Chris Janson; Darius Rucker
8:30: Trace Adkins

2nd show
9:30: John Conlee; Craig Morgan
10:00: Kellie Pickler; Darius Rucker
10:30: Lee Greenwood; Chris Janson
11:00: Trace Adkins

As to Opry Country Classics on Thursday night, Larry Gatlin is back as the host with Charlie Daniels in the spotlight.

Opry Country Classics 5/24
Host: Larry Gatlin
Spotlight Artist: Charlie Daniels Band
Also Appearing: The Gatlin Brothers; Brooke Eden; Johnny Lee; Charlie McCoy


  1. What a great lineup for all three shows!
    Is the second show scheduled because Trace Adkins is that big?
    I honestly don't know.

    1. Nat, if I remember right, they have scheduled two shows for the "Salute the Troops" night for a while. I think they either give away tickets to veterans and military personnel, or they offer the tickets at greatly reduced prices. I also know that the artists greet the veterans that night in front of the Opry House as there is a red carpet entrance.

    2. Thanks Byron.
      Looking at the cast, that answer makes perfect sense.

  2. Darius Rucker finds his way to the Opry.. Impressive.
    Craig Morgan...lukewarm there. So, what will be the 15 min. weekly theme of Chris Janson's fire and brim stone testimonial sermón?
    Has Lee Greenwood, at any time, been offered membership?

    1. It's my understanding that the powers that were in the mid 1980's tip toed around Lee Greenwood to see if he would accept Opry membership if offered. The message he send back was his tourning schedule would not allow it, but he would guest as much as he could. I was told Roy Acuff and Barbara Mandrell was pushing management to extent the invitation. Today, my guess is Lee has regrets. Soon thereafter his commercial success began the downhill slide. Personally, I think he would make an excellent member today. Many big hits from the 80s are under his belt.

    2. David, you are absolutely correct in your comments regarding Lee Greenwood and the Opry. He did an interview, at least a decade ago, on a regional radio program and Opry membership came up. He said that he was asked to become an Opry member, and as you stated, he turned it down due to his heavy touring schedule. However, he did say that there were no hard feelings with the Opry and that management told him that even though he declined membership, he had an open invitation to appear on the Opry whenever he wanted.

    3. Now, I will not pretend to be a big Lee Greenwood fan (I may be the only person in the world whose favorite of his is "Dixie Road."). But I will say this: at least he realized that joining the Opry meant taking it seriously and showing up, and that he wouldn't do this. I wish I could say the same for a lot of other performers who claim to take the Opry seriously and do not.

  3. I think it's all about the money, the "big" stars don't come to play for a couple of hundred dollars. They play much bigger venues on concert tours.

    1. That's certainly true, but somehow I doubt the big stars are on tour every weekend (and Tuesday or Wednesday) for years on end.
      I would be embarrassed to show up so seldom and then tell the world how much you love the 'Opry and what a great family it is.