Friday, October 11, 2019

Grand Ole Opry 10/11 & 10/12


The line-ups have been posted.

Friday October 11
1st show
7:00: Bill Anderson; John Conlee
7:30: Mark Willis; Connie Smith; Mike Snider
8:00: Margo Price; Dierks Bentley
8:30: Emmylou Harris; Chris Janson

2nd show
9:30: Bill Anderson; Chris Janson
10:00: Jeannie Seely; Bobby Osborne & The Rocky Top X-Press; John Conlee
10:30: Riders In The Sky; Margo Price
11:00: Mark Wills; Emmylou Harris

Saturday October 12
1st show
7:00: Opry Square Dancers; Bill Anderson; Jeannie Seely; Candi Carpenter
7:30: Margo Price; Toby Keith
8:00: Lady Antebellum; Hank Williams, Jr.
8:30: Dolly Parton

2nd show
9:30: Opry Square Dancers; Bill Anderson; Connie Smith
10:00: Candi Carpenter; Margo Price
10:30: Toby Keith; Lady Antebellum
11:00: Dolly Parton

Really a mix and match on both nights. Some of the veterans set for just one show, with a couple traditional segments and then two guest segments. While Dolly is scheduled for just the last segment on each of the Saturday night shows, it will be interesting to see what interaction she has the rest of the night. And what about a Friday night appearance?

Well, it is finally here, "Dolly Week" at the Grand Ole Opry as Dolly Parton will be celebrating her 50th anniversary as a member of the Grand Ole Opry. While the actual anniversary date was this past January, it took until October for Dolly and the Opry to agree on the date.

While the planning has been going on for a while, there was a big announcement earlier this week regarding Dolly, the Opry, and NBC. "Dolly Parton: 50 Years at the Grand Ole Opry" will air on November 26 from 9-11 p.m. This two hour special will include Dolly interacting and performing with many of the artists scheduled to appear on this weekend's Friday Night Opry and Saturday's Grand Ole Opry. While Dolly is only scheduled to perform on Saturday night, it would appear that she will also be making some type of appearance on Friday. The special will also include Dolly talking about the Opry and highlighting the Dolly backstage exhibit that is on display in Studio A behind the Opry House.

So, with all of that going on, there still is no official line-up listed for the shows this weekend. Here is what I have:

Scheduled to appear on both of the Friday night shows are Emmylou Harris, Margo Price, Chris Janson, Bill Anderson and Mark Wills. Additionally, Dierks Bentley is scheduled for the 1st show. Margo Price is also scheduled to appear on both shows Saturday night, where she will be joined by Lady Antebellum, Jeannie Seely, Toby Keith and Candi Carpenter. And in a real surprise, Hank Williams, Jr. is scheduled for the 1st show.

More acts will be announced and I am sure there will be some special unannounced surprises. Once the full line-up is posted, I will update.

And now, here is the posted Grand Ole Opry line-up from ten years ago, the second weekend in October 2009. It was also the weekend of the Opry's 84th birthday celebration.

Friday October 9
7:00: John Conlee (host); Jeannie Seely; Riders In The Sky; Ricky Skaggs
7:30: Jimmy Dickens (host); The Whites; Patty Loveless
8:00: Mike Snider (host); BJ Thomas; Josh Turner
8:30: Bill Anderson (host); Jack Greene; Jean Shepard; Montgomery Gentry.

Saturday October 10
1st show
7:00: Jimmy Dickens (host); The Whites; Kathy Mattea
7:30: Lorrie Morgan (host); Jan Howard; George Hamilton IV; Jean Shepard
8:00: Jeannie Seely (host); Jim Ed Brown; Joe Diffie; Opry Square Dancers
8:30: Bill Anderson (host); Mike Snider; Diamond Rio

2nd show
9:30: Jimmy Dickens (host); Lorrie Morgan; Bobby Osborne & The Rocky Top X-Press
10:00: Mike Snider (host); Ray Pillow; Kathy Mattea
10:30: Diamond Rio (host); Stu Phillips; Jean Shepard; Opry Square Dancers
11:00: Bill Anderson (host); Jim Ed Brown; Joe Diffie.

What was interesting is that both shows featured all Opry members with the exception of BJ Thomas on the Friday Night Opry, who was a former Opry member, and Kathy Mattea on Saturday night, who in my opinion, should be an Opry member.

Now from 25 years ago, Saturday October 8, 1994:

1st show
6:30: Jean Shepard (host); Bill Carlisle
6:45: Bill Anderson (host); Wilma Lee Cooper
7:00: Jim Ed Brown (host); Stonewall Jackson; Brother Oswald; The Whites
7:30: Holly Dunn (host); Mel McDaniel; Riders In The Sky
8:00: Porter Wagoner (host); Jeanne Pruett; Melissa Marshall; Jack Greene; Opry Square Dance Band; The Melvin Sloan Dancers
8:30: Hank Snow (host); Jim and Jesse; The Four Guys; Billy Walker; Mike Snider

2nd show
9:30: Porter Wagoner (host); Jeanne Pruett; Riders In The Sky; Holly Dunn
10:00: Bill Anderson (host); Osborne Brothers
10:15: Jean Shepard (host); Ray Pillow
10:30: Jim Ed Brown (host); The Whites
10:45: Jack Greene (host); Charlie Walker; Opry Square Dance Band; The Melvin Sloan Dancers
11:00: Hank Snow (host); Jeannie Seely; Billy Walker; Johnny Russell
11:30: Mike Snider (host); The Four Guys; Connie Smith

Finally, from 50 years ago, Saturday October 11, 1969:

1st show
6:30: Glaser Brothers (host); Del Wood; Connie Eaton
6:45: Stu Phillips (host); Linda Martel; Jack Barlow
7:00: Roy Acuff (host); Earl Scruggs Revue; Darrell McCall
7:30: Porter Wagoner (host); Charlie Walker; Dolly Parton; Crook Brothers; Buck Trent
8:00: Ernest Tubb (host); Skeeter Davis; Charley Pride; Billy Parker
8:30: Hank Snow (host); Fruit Jar Drinkers; Archie Campbell

2nd show
9:30: Glaser Brothers (host); Stu Phillips; Willis Brothers; Connie Eaton
10:00: Bobby Luman (host); Charlie Walker; Jack Barlow
10:15: Roy Acuff (host); Earl Scruggs Revue; Skeeter Davis
10:30: Porter Wagoner (host); Dolly Parton; Del Wood
10:45: Ernest Tubb (host); Margie Bowes; Crook Brothers
11:00: Hank Snow (host); Jimmy Newman; Darrell McCall; Fruit Jar Drinkers; Sam McGee
11:30: Del Reeves (host); Justin Tubb; Charley Pride

Looking back into a few other dates that occurred this weekend, on Saturday October 11, 1986, the Grand Ole Opry celebrated it's 61st birthday. Here is the running order from that night, 33 years ago:

1st show
6:30: Bonanza
Jim Ed Brown (host): Looking Back to See
Jeanne Pruett: Satin Sheets
Osborne Brothers: Once More
Jim Ed Brown: Send Me the Pillow You Dream On

6:45: Rudy's
Charlie Walker (host): The Mean Woman with the Green Eyes
The Four Guys: The Grandest Lady of them All
Charlie Walker and Joe Edwards: Ida Red

7:00: Shoney's
Tom T. Hall (host): The Year that Clayton Delaney Died
David Houston: No One Will Ever Know/Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
Hank Locklin: Danny Boy
Ed Bruce: The Streets of Laredo/You're the Best Break this Old Heart Ever Had
Tom T. Hall: Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine

7:30: Standard Candy
Roy Acuff (host): Wabash Cannonball
The Whites: It Should've Been Easy
Connie Smith: Hold Me Back
Crook Brothers and The Melvin Sloan Dancers: Instrumental
Roy Acuff: Meeting in the Air

8:00: Martha White
Bill Monroe (host): Molly & Tenbrooks
Jack Greene: There Goes My Everything
Jean Shepard: Second Fiddle
Riders In The Sky: Teardrops in My Heart
Roy Drusky and Riders In The Sky: Cool Water
Bill Monroe: Lord, Protect My Soul

8:30: Music Valley Drive
Hank Snow (host): Forever +1; Forever +2
Lorrie Morgan: Do I Love You
Billy Walker: Am I Blue
Del Wood: 12th Street Rag
Stu Phillips: The Great El Tigrae
Hank Snow: Nevertheless/Nova Scotia

2nd show
9:30: Dollar General
Bill Monroe (host): Uncle Pen
The Four Guys: Fox on the Run
Jeannie Seely: All I Need to Know
Tom T. Hall: P.S., I Love You/I'm Not that Good at Goodbyes
Bill Monroe: Boat of Love

10:00: Little Debbie
Stonewall Jackson (host): Don't Be Angry
Jan Howard: You Don't Know Me
Bill Carlisle: Leave that Liar Alone
Stonewall Jackson: 'Ol Chuck of Coal

10:15: Sunbeam
Roy Acuff (host): Meeting in the Air
Charlie Louvin: I Can't Help It/Mansion on the Hill
Roy Thackerson: Orange Blossom Special/Ragtime Annie
Roy Acuff and Grand Ole Opry Cast: Happy Birthday Grand Ole Opry

10:30: Pet Milk
Jim Ed Brown (host): Everyday People
Ed Bruce: Nights are the Loneliest Part of the Day
Jim Ed Brown: The 3 Bells

10:45: Heil Quaker
Billy Walker (host): Word Games
The Whites: Blue Letters
Crook Brothers and The Melvin Sloan Dancers: Bill Cheatham
Billy Walker: You Gave Me a Mountain

11:00: Coca Cola
Hank Snow (host): Right or Wrong
Justin Tubb: Thanks Troubadour, Thanks
Hank Locklin: Please Help Me, I'm Falling
Connie Smith: Hold Me Back
David Houston: Living in a House Full of Love
Hank Snow: It Kinda Reminds Me of Me/Nova Scotia

11:30: Quincy's
Jack Greene (host): Midnight Tennessee Woman
Lorrie Morgan: Unchanged Melody
Roy Drusky: Mississippi
Riders In The Sky: How the Yodel was Born
Johnny Russell: No One Will Every Know

Finally, the Grand Ole Opry's 77th birthday bash took place on Saturday October 12, 2002 and included a surprised guest, Clint Black, who was not listed in the program for that night. It was truly a surprise when Bill Anderson brought him out.

1st show
6:30: Tennessee Pride
Jimmy Dickens (host): Out Behind the Barn
The Whites: Swing Down Chariot
Holly Dunn: Can't Stop Now
Steve Wariner: Where Did I Go Wrong/You Don't Have Very Far to Go
Jimmy Dickens: Mountain Dew

7:00: Opry Book/Standard Candy
Bill Anderson (host):
Clint Black: Are You Sure Waylon Done it This Way/Wondering
Bill Anderson: I Wonder if God Likes Country Music
Rebecca Lynn Howard: God's Country
Martina McBride: Where Would You Be/Harper Valley PTA
Ralph Stanley: I Have Been Blessed/The Girl From The Greenbriar Shore
Ralph Stanley Jr.: Ruby, Don't Take You Guns To Town
Ralph Stanley: Man of Constant Sorrow
Bill Anderson: The Corner of My Life
Grand Ole Opry Cast: Happy Birthday Grand Ole Opry

8:00: Martha White
Porter Wagoner (host): Why Don't You Haul Off & Love Me
Bill Carlisle: Too Old to Cut the Mustard
Connie Smith: Ain't Had no Lovin'
Osborne Brothers: Rocky Top
Opry Square Dance Band: Cherokee Shuffle
Porter Wagoner: Just Someone I Used to Know

8:30: Physicians Mutual
Jeannie Seely (host): Those Memories
Billy Walker: She Goes Walking Through My Mind
T. Bubba Bechtol: Comedy
Lorrie Morgan: I Didn't Know My Own Strength/I'm One of a Kind
Jeannie Seely: Don't Touch Me

2nd show
9:30: Opry Book
Jimmy Dickens (host): Take An Old Cold Tater
Jim Ed Brown: The 3 Bells
Osborne Brothers: Kentucky
Lorrie Morgan: Don't Stop in My World/Cry Me a River
Jimmy Dickens: I'd Rather Sleep in Peace Then Know You're Gone

10:00: Lincoln Mercury/Shoney's
Porter Wagoner (host): Ol' Slewfoot
Billy Walker: Jesus Walks In
Jack Greene: Statue of a Fool
Ralph Stanley: I Hear a Choo-Choo Coming/Katy Daley/Mountain Dew/Little Maggie
Wagonmasters: (?)

10:30: WSM Auditorium
Bill Anderson (host): Po Folks
Charlie Louvin: Will You Visit Me on Sundays
Martina McBride: I Have Been Blessed/Harper Valley PTA
Opry Square Dance Band: Rachel
Grand Ole Opry Cast: Happy Birthday Grand Ole Opry

11:00: Coca-Cola
Steve Wariner (host): Burning the Roadhouse Down
Holly Dunn: Can't Stop Now
T. Bubba Bechtol: Comedy
Rebecca Lynn Howard: God's Country/Forgive
Steve Wariner: You Don't Have Very Far to Go

Jeannie Seely (host): Hey Good Lookin'
Ernie Ashworth: Each Moment Spent with You
Ray Pillow: Dreams of a Dreamer
Connie Smith: How Great Thou Art
Jeannie Seely: Pride

There you have it for this week. As always, thanks for reading and commenting on the blog. And I hope everyone enjoys the Grand Ole Opry this weekend.

And congratulations to Dolly Parton. Hopefully this will not be the last that we see her on the Opry.


  1. Apparently the 'Opry has decided to adopt the through the week notion of not having hosts, but simply giving the guests about ten minutes each.
    It appears that Bill Anderson, a radio veteran, is viewed as not good enough to be a host.

  2. I thought this is "Dolly Week" - except she is only scheduled on Saturday. Couldn't listen tonight, did she show up for a surprise appearance at the first show?

  3. I thought that the first show tonight was excellent. No Dolly tonight but after John Conlee finished, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood were introduced and they in turn introduced former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Roslyn. They had been in Nashville this past week helping to build a Habitat house. Obviously, the crowd was excited. The Carters sat on the side of the stage during the Bill Anderson and John Conlee songs, then left when Connie Smith was introduced.

  4. Hank, Jr. ??? Really?? Wow !! What's going on?? I'm sorry I just have to question it, lol

  5. How could Dolly NOT show up on Friday night for her big weekend ???? Opry please quit bowing down to these fair - weather Opry members ----Opry was merely a stepping stone to fame, where she became too big for the Opry !!!! And the occasional Emmy Lou was there tonight , thank God, to smooth things over for the absence of Dolly !!! When will Opry management learn ???? Flushing, Mich, Dashmann

  6. 24 hours from now, the forced Dolly weekend will be over ---- I can hardly wait !!! sorry, I don't get passionate about the Opry very often ---- Dashmann , Flushing , Mich

  7. Just to clarify that while it has been called "Dolly Week" I went back and looked at the marketing/advertising material that was released back in January when Dolly's 50th Opry anniversary was announced.

    Opry Country Classics was advertised as "featuring performances of #1 Dolly hits."

    Friday Night Opry was advertised as "Dolly's Mountain Soul: Bluegrass, Americana & Roots Music honor Dolly."

    Saturday's Grand Ole Opry: Dolly Parton's 50th Grand Ole Opry Anniversary featuring Dolly Parton and many more."

    So, based on that, I would say that Dolly was never committed to the Friday night show and somewhere along the line, the theme of the show got lost. Bill Anderson, Connie Smith, John Conlee, Mike Snider and Mark Wills all did their normal songs and hits. Nothing related to Dolly. (although Chris Janson did his own version of "Mule Skinner Blues") So not sure what happened.

    Regardless, I thought the Friday show was great. Lots of variety and energy.

    1. Byron, I totally agree with your opinion of last night's Friday Night Opry; both shows were just great. And yes, your clarification of each Opry show leading up to tonight's never indicated that Dolly would make a surprise appearance at any one of them, I think many, including myself, would have loved it if she had.

      President and Mrs. Carter; what can anyone say about their total love and devotion to and for each other just for starters and their work with Habit for Humanity at their ages of 95 and 92 years of age speaks for itself. This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the type of human beings they are. The crowd was overwhelmingly great to them, it was just great to hear.

      Big fan of Dierks Bentley, his version of Dolly's "Old Flames" was just great as well as Chris Janson's version of "Muleskinner Blues" was equally as great. Had to laugh when Eddie Stubbs described Chris Janson as one who doesn't just take the stage, he takes over the stage, and Eddie Stubbs would be correct. And I really like Margo Price, she did a great job on Dolly's "The Seeker." Both shows were wonderful.

      I have been listening to the Opry online for a long time, I cannot remember, if ever, Hank Jr. has been on? Byron, I am sure you have dates. Thank you.

      Already listening to the Saturday Night Grand Ole Opry, the terrific Toby Keith, Margo Price, who I really like a whole lot, Lady Antebellum, the great Hank Jr, and the one of a kind, Dolly Parton. Lots of star power two nights in a row.

      Not only the audience but the performers also appear to be on a whole different level tonight knowing that Dolly is in the House and the minute she walks out on that stage, that place is going to go out of their minds nuts over her.


    2. If I had to take a guess on why Bill Anderson, Connie Smith, John Conlee, Mike Snider and Mark Wills did their own songs instead of Dolly songs, maybe they were told they wouldn't be part of the TV special? I don't know if Friday's shows will be part of the TV special, but if it is, that would be my guess.


  8. Agree with Byron. Friday night show was great, especially Chris Janson.
    The boy "gets it." He loves to entertain and is thrilled to death to be on the 'Opry every single time he shows up. And he shows up a LOT.
    Agree with Dashmann. Dolly has done some fabulous things with her life, and giving away books to kids is a truly generous offering. But as she's gotten older, she seems to have changed somehow. We all do, I guess.

    1. I say this loving Dolly as an entertainer and thinking she's a wonderful person on so many levels.

      Does anybody remember her ABC variety show in the late 1980s? It went nowhere in the ratings so she went back to Nashville and reunited with Porter on it. So they did the Opry. It happened to be the night of February 20, 1988, and the Opry was celebrating Mr. Acuff's 50th, so they just came out and did a cameo on it because that night was his. I'm sure Hal Durham wished they had worked it out a little differently. But I thought then, if Dolly had done the Opry, at least on a Saturday night, she would have been on the TNN portion. Maybe she did. But I thought, no, you're back at the Opry now because it's useful to you. I confess, Porter did seem to be enjoying himself.

  9. Someone asked about Hank. I would have to look up the date, but last time I remember him appearing was somewhere around 2002 or 2003. Jimmy Dickens introduced him. I still have a recording I made over the internet that night. Maybe he hasn’t been back since. Would be interested to know.

    1. I think the date you are referring to is Saturday January 4, 2003. Hank Williams, Jr. appeared on the Opry that night on the televised segment with his son Hank Williams III. The host of the segment on the first show was Jimmy Dickens, and they were doing a segment dedicated to Hank Williams as it was the 50th anniversary of his death.

      Prior to that, Hank Jr. was on the Opry Saturday February 16, 2002. I was there that night as the segment, hosted by Porter Wagoner, was dedicated to Waylon Jennings, who had passed away several days prior.

      Like last night, Hank Jr. only appeared on the first show each of those nights.

  10. Lots of enthusiasm tonight which is great. Enjoyed Toby, Hank and Bill on the first show.

  11. In all fairness, Dolly was wonderful tonight on both shows and gave Opry attendees their money's worth. And I do realize she is much in demand but still wish she would come back more often. Dolly inviting Buck Trent and his electric banjo was classy -- I hope we don't lose that terrific ground breaking sound forever when Buck passes. Sorry for being so critical previously --- Dashmann, Flushing, Mich

    1. Dashmann, I join you in saluting Dolly for a great performance.
      Dolly went way beyond her scheduled time, and I felt like Marty Robbins would have been very proud.
      Agree it was indeed classy having Buck Trent on, and for the life of me have never quite understood why more pickers haven't copied his electrified banjo style.

  12. In agreement with both Dashmann and Nat that Dolly was fantastic last night. She did a number of her hits, telling stories about each one. My personal Dolly favorite is "Coat of Many Colors." I thought the highlight was her mentioning of Porter and, along with Buck, doing "Carroll County Accident." Dolly and Buck have a recording of that song that is played on Willie's Roadhouse on Sirius/XM.

    After all of the speculation as to who might appear with Dolly, in the end, it was just Buck on the one song. The rest of the segment, which went about 45 minutes, was Dolly.

    It was a fantastic evening and I know that the Opry received a lot of very good publicity from Dolly's 50th and after all was said and done, it was a great weekend of Opry shows.

  13. Dolly did a great job and gave the audience their money's worth. Great to see Buck out and nice that she had Porter's daughters on the first show. With all her comments about the Opry, it would sure be great if she could come back a couple times a year.

    It was a great weekend but the format was a little strange or awkward to me. Without show segments or host and some artist doing two songs and others doing three, it was just different! To the lack of segments, it is understandable I guess given the videos and looks back at Dolly's career.

    Question, did Candi Carpenter appear? I was in and out a bit and since she and Margo Price were scheduled back to back I never knew who I was listening to.

    Knightsville, IN

  14. We have always loved Dolly Parton and as many have said, wish that she did go back to the Opry more often; she always laments about her beginnings and her roots but the Opry one just doesn't seem to pull on her as much anymore. In the late 90's we did an annual music festival that had many wonderful artists, veterans and the new ones, and I always joked that Dolly would never be there - yet she did perform one year and what a treat. We also saw her once at the Opry (years ago). Looking forward to the NBC special.

  15. We were busy last night and I look forward to checking it out on the WSM Archives. I have made snarky remarks about Dolly, and I fully intend to keep making them if this doesn't lead to her changing her ways about the Opry. But last night, from all I have read, was an Opry to be cherished.

    And I hope no one is offended when I say that since she was on at 8:30 and 11, it's the best wig on those segments since we lost Hank Snow.

  16. I agree with so many of the comments made here. I listened to every minute of the four shows this weekend. They were all outstanding. Dolly was tremendous on both Saturday shows, and the Friday shows were each top notch.

    What a coup it is to get the Opry on primetime network TV in November. That is the kind of mainstream publicity which will only help to grow this beloved institution! I have to admit to not totally being sold on the “Dolly Week” concept. I LOVE Dolly, who she is, her music, all she represents. But her commitment to the Opry—at least from the view of this fan—has been lacking in recent years. In any event, it has been a great week for the Opry, especially given the mainstream publicity that the week has garnered.

    As a devoted fan of the Opry, I am even more proud of the work that the Opry did last week with Garth and Trisha and Habitat for Humanity. How wonderful it was to hear President and Mrs. Carter on the Opry stage!

    I am VERY optimistic about the future of the Opry--especially with Dan Rogers at the helm. Looking forward to seeing what year 95 brings!

  17. Michael ; Great comment about the Little Ranger as Marty Robbins used to affectionately call him ---- and I really miss Hank's class act - but he sure did have some less than flattering hairpieces all the way back into the 60s. I remember Mike Snider introducing Jack Greene one night saying in just a second or two we would know if Jack was wearing his hat or his hair tonight !!!!! Jack and Hank were both such fine singers and folks who never saw them missed a couple real pros --- Dashmann, Flushing, Michigan

    1. Dashmann, my mother used to say that with as much money as Hank Snow had, it must be his real hair because he would have bought a better hairpiece. Welllllll ....

  18. Enjoying all the comments on this thread, will add my two cents quickly. Was at all four shows this weekend, Opry Classics & the Dottie West Birthday bash.

    *Am a traditionalist and missed the segments (the curtain never went down until the end of the shows.) Will say though, having each artist doing two/three songs did make the shows flow better
    * Wished the Square Dancers got their usual second spot. HUGE bottle neck trying to get in for the second show and missed the dancers and Bill Anderson's first song
    * Super cool President Carter was at the Friday Night Opry with Garth & Trisha. Don't get why they couldn't have sung one song. I'm sure the band knows the music.
    *Candi Carpenter has a great voice but was WAY over the top running around on the stage and during both shows got down on her hands and knees in front of the camera and literally rolled around, which got her two standing ovations?! Imagine Kitty Wells or Dolly doing that? Plus her outfit would have given Rose Maddox a run for her money. NOT impressed.
    *Super happy about all the veterans on Friday night. Dierks was great, Janson is definitely high energy, Emmylou was off in her voice, Mike actually told quite a few jokes, went to the second show just to see Bobby Osborne - treasure him and Jesse. There was no bluegrass on Saturday night.
    *Classic show was really good song wise but super disappointed only the Gatlins were Opry members - hadn't heard of most of the rest. And if you're asked to close the show singing "I Will Always Love You" shouldn't you do the Dolly version and NOT the Whitney Houston version? And then when the band comes in you're not in the right key and ask to start the whole song over?
    *Margo Price is one of the best new artist out there with good traditional and Americana. I'm sure it was because of the TV taping but disappointed she did the same two Dolly songs on all four shows instead of some of her own.
    *Loved that Dolly did "Joshua" I think her first #1 record and acknowledged Porter also had his daughters there. Surprised there were no big surprised artists but you can't argue with 45 minutes of Dolly on both shows. Agree wish she was on more and surprised Dan didn't do a presentation.
    *Bill Anderson did about 30 minutes at the Dottie West Birthday bash w his full band (including Les on guitar and a steel man). Duet of Everybody Wants to be 21 with Jamey Johnson (who was fantastic solo on "When a Man Can't a Woman Off his mind) was outstanding. Know Jamey made some comments about being an Opry member - he's the real deal and should be a member ASAP. Lots of others on this show including Jeannie Seely. Great deal for $20
    *Was able to meet Doug Kershaw at the Festival of Southern Books. Has a new autobiography out and talked about the Opry during a Q&A.
    *Film screening of a new documentary on Manuel was outstanding and he was there to answer questions at the end.
    *Book talk on a new bio on Earl Scruggs at the Hall of Fame was really great too.

    p.s. loved Michael's comment about Hank Snow - tried to go see the Rainbow Ranch but it was booked for the week.

    Not every trip to Nashville is this good anymore, really hit the jackpot this weekend! (oldtimeopry)

    1. Glad you had a wonderful time and thanks for the report.

      As to Candi Carpenter, I think she is very talented and has a future, but listening to her on the radio, I thought she was way over emotional. Now that you filled me in regarding how she was on stage, I can put it all together.

    2. Thanks, Old Time Opry. I also thought about it. On You Tube, I watched one of the old TNN "Stars of the Grand Ole Opry" with Mr. Acuff. Of course those were filmed at the matinees. At the end,people came up and he crouched at the edge of the stage and shook hands with them. I wonder how many do that today?

  19. A Nanny Mouse --- Glad you appreciate the opry for what it still is -- Dashmann, Flushing, Michigan - we have to appreciate what is left ---the spirit if not all the music we liked is still there ---