Monday, October 28, 2019

Mid-Week Opry Shows

While last weekend was the final weekend in which the Grand Ole Opry will be at the Opry House, there are a couple of mid-week shows that will take place there before the Opry's move to the Ryman Auditorium on Friday night.

Tuesday October 29
7:00: John Conlee; Jimmie Allen
7:30: The Whites; Thompson Square
8:15: Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley
8:45: Maggie Rose; Lee Brice

Wednesday October 30
7:00: Jeannie Seely; Exile
7:30: Rhonda Vincent; Charlie Worsham
8:15: Henry Cho; Ricky Skaggs; Chris Janson

Opry Country Classics will finish up its fall run of shows on Thursday night at the Ryman Auditorium. Overall, the fall run has produced some very good shows, and attendance has been way up, with several of the shows sold-out.

Thursday October 31
Host: Larry Gatlin
Spotlight Artist: Crystal Gayle
Also Appearing: The Gatlin Brothers, Lucas Hoge, Jim Lauderdale, Riders In The Sky


  1. Hate to repeat myself, but I'm done buying 'Opry tickets weeks many weeks in advance. TWO regular Opry members on the Tuesday show? I would be livid.
    I can always find true traditional country music at Robert's Western World no matter what.
    Especially when Rachael Hester is there.
    From now on, I'll just wait until I'm in Nashville and check out the second show, which usually has decent tickets available.
    I did that two weekends ago, and the lineup turned out to be GREAT.

  2. Two seems like a pretty good deal (kidding of course) compared to the Opry Classics show on Dolly Week (which was sold out) and only had ONE Opry member (the Gatlins) and they were the only people on the entire show I'd ever heard of... Nice that ticket costed $75

  3. We saw Rhonda Vincent last night and as always she did a fantastic show. The Queen of Bluegrass told us about her appearance at the Opry on Wednesday, it was her 213th time to be there. We have been following her since the early family days in Sally Mountain Show and throughout her busy, busy bluegrass career. Her energy level and touring schedule are beyond compare. After the show, she stayed until the last person who wanted to see her, take a picture or get an autograph was seen. As we have all said many many times, it just amazes us that she has not been asked to join the Grand Ole Opry as a member. We will see her again in 2-weeks and on the Larry's Diner Cruise in January. (from Anonymous in PA)

  4. I posted the notes below on another post a few days ago but it was a little late and Byron had started another post.

    Thanks for the report on the show you saw. Glad you had a good time but you knew you would when you went....right!

    Preaching to the choir but it is just a shame Rhonda is not counted as a member of the Opry. I don't think I'm far of in my time frame but I think Rhonda started making a big splash at the IBMA and all around bluegrass about the same time Alison Krauss did. So Allison becomes a member of the Opry and shows up maybe a couple times a year and Rhonda is overlooked and shows up as a guest maybe an average of once a month.....for 20 years. Makes sense to me.

    Dashman, your remarks about Rhonda are spot on. Seen her in concert probably a half dozen times or more and she puts on a great show, has a great band and is great to visit with.

    If you have not seen the video Rhonda Vincent & the Rage with Bluegrass Legends Live at the Ryman from July 14, 2016, find a copy and check it out. Jesse and Bobby appear along with Mac Wiseman and Sonny Osborne who said at the time it would be his last time to perform.

    Knightsville, IN