Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Montgomery Gentry-Newest Opry Members

Press Release:
Columbia Nashville duo Montgomery Gentry was invited to become the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry this evening during the Tuesday Night Opry. Montgomery Gentry made their Grand Ole Opry debut nine years ago on March 3, 2000. The duo will be formally inducted into the Opry family on Tuesday June 23.

Opry member Charlie Daniels suprised Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry by approaching them from the Opry House audience and making his way on stage. "I have been chosen to do something very special," Daniels said. "I have known you guys for a long time, and I am very proud of your accomplishments," he continued before offering, "if you agree to it, on June 23rd, you're gonna be made members of the Grand Ole Opry!"

Montgomery and Gentry, both visably suprised and moved, exchanged hugs with each other and with Daniels, after which Gentry managed, "I'm speechless" and Montgomery borrowed a handerchief from Daniels to wipe his eyes.

After composing themselves, the two kicked into their current hit, "One In Every Crowd," while Gentry noted his suprise, yelling out to the Opry staff and Daniels, "y'all got us!"

"With each and every Opry performance Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry have offered, it has been quite apparent that not only do they know how to move audiences with their unique brand of music, but they too are moved by the connection they share with the Opry and its rich legacy," said Opry Vice President and General Manager Pete Fisher. "All of us at the Opry eagerly await the 23rd of June when Montgomery Gentry will formally join the ranks of the Opry's esteemed membership roster."

Becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry has been a career dream for both of the duo's members.

Now for my opinion:
I checked with a couple of my sources, and they just did not see this happening. But, after thinking it over, it makes sense. Montgomery Gentry has been on the Opry numerous time over the past several years. I saw them at the Opry in the fall. They bring a lot of energy to the stage and had very good audience response. And, they respect the legacy of country music. While the argument can be made that they are not "traditional country", they are still country. I am sure that they will be loyal members and give the show the attention that it deserves. Their career is peaking right now and it is a good time to bring them on board.


  1. This did not really surprise me as they have made numerous appearances as guests on the Opry. I know one of the big things they are looking for today in the new members is how often they are willing to make guest appearances. I think the mistake that was made in the past with Reba, Clint Black and some other members that were added is that those ones really never made many guest appearances in the first place, so why would anyone expect them to be there once they have membership? Hopefully, now that a couple of newer artists have been added (Craig Morgan, Gentry), the next member will be a veteran like a Gene Watson, Lee Greenwood, Crystal Gayle, Ray Stevens, etc.

  2. I can think of others I would have chosen first. But that's me. They have been good guests and the audience the Opry is trying to draw in likes them. Most important, I think they do take the Opry seriously, and that's important.