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Classic Grand Ole Opry-April 6, 1957

I know that it has been a while since I last posted a classic Grand Ole Opry line-up from year's past. So to make up for it, I am going to go way back, over 52 years ago, to Saturday night April 6, 1957. What is interesting about this line-up, and for most of this era, is that the programs listed not only the artist, but what they were going to perform. It made it more of a formal program, but at the same time, it took some of the surprise from the show. I do not know if the artists stuck exactly to the listed songs, or if they could make a switch and sing something else, depending on the mood of the audience. Regardless, let's go back and take a look from April 6, 1957

7:30 to 7:45: Nabisco
Roy Acuff:It's Hard to Love
Justin Tubb: Pepper Hot Baby
Oswald: Southern Moon
Roy Acuff: How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
Howdy Forrester: Forked Deer

7:45 to 8:00: American Ace
Old Hickory Singers: Theme
Faron Young: I'm Gonna Live Some Before I Die
Maybelle Carter: I Never Love But One
Benny Martin: Story Of My Life
Faron Young: Schrine Of St. Cecelia
Fiddle Tune: Bill Cheatham

8:00 to 8:30: Martha White
Flatt & Scruggs: Shuck A Little Corn
Porter Wagoner: I Should Be With You
George Jones: Don't Stop The Music
June Carter & Smokey: Comedy
Flatt & Scruggs: Is There Room For Me
Jean Shepard: I'd Rather Die Young
Carlisles: Rough Stuff
Possum Hunters: Fire In The Mountain
Porter Wagoner: I'm Day Dreaming Tonight
Flatt & Scruggs: Down The Road

8:30 to 9:00: Prince Albert
Marty Robbins: Singing The Blues
Ray Price: Crazy Arms
Rod Brasfield: Comedy
Ray Price: I've Got A New Heartache
Fiddle Tune: Sally Goodin
Marty Robbins: Knee Deep In The Blues
Chet Atkins: Back Home In Indiana
Minnie Pearl: Comedy
Ray Price: Crazy Arms
Marty Robbins: Singing The Blues
Hal Cook: Presentation
Marty Robbins: Singing The Blues
Fiddle Tune: Soldier's Joy

9:00 to 9:30: Jefferson Island Salt
Old Hickory Singers: Theme
Ernest Tubb: TBA
Johnny & Jack: Oh Baby Mine
Stringbean: Herro Mr. Banjo
Wilburn Brothers: I's Setting You Free
Kitty Wells: Searching
Ernest Tubb: Don't Forbid Me
Fruit Jar Drinkers: Bill Cheatham
Johnny & Jack: I Want To Be Loved
Stonewall Jackson: Don't Be Angry
Wilburn Brothers: Go Away With Me
Ernest Tubb: Daisy May

9:30 to 10:00: Stephens
Hank Snow: Calypso Sweetheart
Louvin Brothers: Don't Laugh
Hawkshaw Hawkins: Sunny Side Of The Mountain
Chet Atkins: Limehouse House
Wilma Lee & Stoney: Cheated Too
Hank Snow: Marriage And Divorce
Ladell Sisters: Alabama Jubilee
T. Texas Tyler: Deck Of Cards
Crook Brothers: Either Of January
Louvin Brothers: New Partner Waltz
Hank Snow: Put Me In My Trundle Bed

10:00 to 10:15: Wall-Rite
Roy Acuff: I Love Mountain Music
George Jones: Uh Uh No
Maybelle Carter: Cold Watch And Chain
Roy Acuff: I Saw The Light
Fiddle Tune: Money Musk

10:15 to 10:30: Delited
Carlisles: Theme
Ray Price: Wasted Words
Jean Shepard: If You Can Walk Away
Carlisles: Lil Liza Jane
Ray Price: you Done Me Wrong
Fiddle Tune: Grey Eagle

10:30 to 10:45: Hester Battery
Marty Robbins: I Can't Quit
Flatt & Scruggs: What's Good For You Should Be Alright For Me
Justin Tubb: I'm A Big Boy Now
Marty Robbins: Same Two Lips
Fiddle Tune: Old Joe Clark

10:45 to 11:00: De Con
Faron Young: Sweet Dreams
Wilma Lee & Stoney: Loving You
Crook Brothers: Tennessee Wagoner
Faron Young: Until I Met You
Fiddle Tune: Soldier's Joy

11:00 to 11:30: Coca-Cola
Old Hickory Singers: Theme
Ernest Tubb: Will You Be Satisfield That Way
Johnny and Jack: A Pleasure Is Not A Habit In Mexico
Wilburn Brothers: Go Away With Me
June Carter and Smokey: Comedy
Ernest Tubb: God's Eyes
Kitty Wells: A Change Of Heart
Stonewall Jackson: Stop You Naggin Hoss
String Bean: Pretty Little Pink
Gully Jumper: New Five Cents
Johnny and Jack: All The Time
Ernest Tubb: Kansas City Kitty

11:30 to 11:45: Jamison Mattress
Old Hickory Singers: Theme
Hank Snow: Calypso Min From Juares
Louvin Brothers: You're Running Wild
T. Texas Tyler: Remember Me
Hank Snow: Rumba Boogie

11:45 to 12:00 Midnight: Sustaining
Fiddle Tune: Back Up And Push
Porter Wagoner: I Guess I'm Crazy
Hawshaw Hawkins: If It Ain't On The Menu
Sam and Kirk: The Wagon Is New
Benny Martin: Look What You Have Done To Me
Fruit Jar Drinkers: Ida Red
Porter Wagoner: Uncle Pen

A couple of notes:
>This was during the time of 1 Saturday night show. Normally, each artist would perform once before 10:00, and then once afterwards. After 10, some of the audience would start to leave, and that is when those standing outside were allowed to purchase tickets and go in. Allowing this type of admission helped to contribute to the long lines outside the Opry house, that you see in some of the famous photos of that era.
>The Prince Albert portion of the Opry was nationally broadcast on NBC and was considered the "prime" portion to be on.
>Roy Acuff always said that he did not care what time he performed on the Opry, as long as he did not have to open or close the show. Yet, on this particular Saturday night, he was the show opener.
>Stonewall Jackson had only 2 songs. At the time, he was one of the newest members of the Opry and had not yet fully established himself as a hit making performer.
>Ernest Tubb normally did the 10:45 or 11:00 segment, so that he could walk over and do the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree after the Opry.
>T. Texas Tyler was a guest on both of the segments hosted by Hank Snow. Hank writes about T. Texas in his book and how he tried to help T. Texas clean up his personal life and to become Opry members. This was the time period that Hank was writing about.
>Minnie Pearl and Rod Brasfield were only on 1 segment, as was Sam and Kirk, who were already being relegated to the less than desirable 11:45 segment.
>Between his first and second segments of hosting the Opry, Ernest Tubb would usually walk over to his record shop and do some paperwork in his office, while Roy Acuff would usually walk to his Acuff Exhibits on Broadway and wait out the time. Of course both of them, along with many others, would frequent Tootsie's between their segments and have a drink or two.(or maybe 3!!).

That should do it for this classic line-up. Hope you enjoy!!!

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  1. Interesting, too, that Hank Snow was not yet given the 11:00 segment--he often did the 9:30 and 11:00 portions on Saturday nights with one Opry show. It's also kind of interesting to ponder who was NOT there. Bill Monroe was away, as well as Lonzo & Oscar, Ferlin Husky, Lew Childre, Johnny Cash, and The Carlisles. Jimmy Dickens might have left by then, and I think Grandpa Jones might have been away from Opry membership at that point. I know that George Morgan had left by then for WLAC and came back in 1959. Anyway, again, a great lineup!