Sunday, August 30, 2009

Classic Grand Ole Opry-Saturday August 19, 1979

Here is another in our series of classic Grand Ole Opry line-ups. This time we go back to Saturday August 19, 1979:

First Show
6:30: Billy Grammer(host); Ernie Ashworth
6:45: Bill Monore(host); Wilma Lee Cooper; The Willis Brothers
7:00: Porter Wagoner(host); George Hamilton IV; Lonzo & Oscar; Del Wood
7:30: Roy Acuff(host); Stonewall Jackson; Bashful Brother Oswald; The Crook Brothers; Bill Jones Promenadors
8:00: Lester Flatt(host); Roy Drusky; Marion Worth; Don King; Bill Carlise
8:30: Hank Snow(host); The Four Guys; Janie Fricke; The Fruit Jar Drinkers

Second Show
9:30: Bill Monroe(host); Wilma Lee Cooper; Lonzo & Oscar; Del Wood
10:00: Porter Wagoner(host); Billy Grammer; The Willis Brothers
10:15: Roy Acuff(host); George Hamilton IV
10:30: Lester Flatt(host); Stonewall Jackson; Bill Carlisle
10:45: Roy Drusky(host); Janie Fricke; The Crook Brothers; Bill Jones Promenadors
11:00: Hank Snow(host); The Four Guys; Don King; The Fruit Jar Drinkers; Kirk McGee
11:30: Marty Robbins(host); Marion Worth; Ronny Robbins

Saturday Matinee:
3:00: Stonewall Jackson; Wilma Lee Cooper
3:30: George Hamilton IV; Bill Carlisle
4:00: Lonzo & Oscar; The Four Guys
4:30: Roy Acuff; Barbara Green

Hope you enjoy!!!


  1. Another great lineup! Thanks! I noticed that Marion Worth seemed to do the 11:30 show a lot with Marty Robbins--and that Ronny did a lot of guest spots on that segment.

    It's also kind of funny that the Bill Jones Promenadors were on a bit back then. I guess Ben Smathers and Ralph Sloan used to take their groups out on tour, which Melvin Sloan apparently didn't do.

  2. One small probem. Aug. 19, 1979 was a Sunday not a Saturday.

  3. Lester Flatt died on May 11, 1979. I think this particular Opry show was from 8/19/1978.