Monday, September 14, 2009

Tuesday Night Opry 9/15 & Opry Country Classics 9/17

Here is the line-up for the Tuesday Night Opry-September 15th:
7:00: Jimmy C. Newman; Emily West
7:30: Connie Smith; Del McCoury Band
8:00: Bill Anderson
8:30: Jimmy Dickens; Montgomery Gentry

Here is the line-up for Opry Country Classics-September 17th:
This week, A Salute to Hank Williams
Host: Nan Kelley
Spotlight Artists: Moe Bandy; Joe Stampley
Also Appearing: Jimmy Dickens; Andy Griggs; Chuck Mead; Jimmy C. Newman; Opry Square Dancers; Jeannie Seely; Emily West; Holly Williams; Jet Williams

>Both of these shows have solid line-ups. A much better effort for the Opry Country Classics show than last week.
>Interesting to see Nan Kelley as the host. With GAC no longer televising the Opry, I wonder if there is something behind her being asked to host this show. She would be the first non-entertainer to fill this role since the classics show started.
>Nice to see Holly and Jett Williams on the salute to Hank. Too bad that they could not book Hank, Jr. for this.



  1. Or Hank III!

    I wonder if GAC is going to tape it and there will be a special or they are bringing back the show.

  2. I have heard through a source that Hank III is "unwelcomed" at the Opry and will not be invited again, because of his song, "The Grand Ole Opry Ain't So Grand Anymore". If you have heard the song, I think it will clearly explain why. If you have not, check it out on line(warning: there are explicit words in the song and it is not sutable for all audiences). The do play it on Sirius Radio's Outlaw channel every once in a while.

  3. I thought the song might refer to the current state of affairs and be a slap at the current management of the Opry, since the title seemed to be in the present tense. Looked at the lyrics, though, and see it it just a rehash of the past. I don't get this "reinstating" Hank Sr. as there is nothing to reinstate him to. The membership roster is of the living. Cash, Waylon, made Opry appearances in their later years, Paycheck was a member. Is this a new song and a new development regarding his banishment?

  4. I agree with you analysis of the song. I am not sure when it was written, but it does seem like he is sending a message to Opry management. And you are right: all of the singers that are named in his song, did appear on the Opry. I think the only one named who had a grudge against the Opry was Jimmy Martin, and that was because he wanted to be a member and they never asked. But, he did appear on the Opry. As far as a "banishment" from the Opry, I don't think it is an official banishment, it is just that he will not be invited to appear anytime soon. Hank III is really starting to live up to his outlaw image and probably woundn't come anyways, even if he was asked.

  5. Well, I don't usually invite people to the house if they have soiled the furniture! That said, I think the Statler Brothers may have been informally banned over their guest appearance after the Opry's 60th birthday show aired and Don Reid said they were honored to be present but the Opry's heroes are the members who are always there, and he said the group thought that when network television did a special on the Opry, Porter Wagoner and Hank Snow ought to be on it. Well, on that show, Porter only got to introduce a segment on Opryland, and when Snow was told that his entire role would be to do a verse and a chorus of "I'm Movin' On," he refused to do it, and good for him.