Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not Grand Ole Opry, But...........

This really has nothing to do with the Grand Ole Opry, but Taylor Swift winning Entertainer of the Year award last night at the CMA Awards???? 19 years old and just into the business??? I know that the awards have really gone downhill the last few years, with the emphasis on "New Country", but I think this is a little ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, Taylor had a nice year, but.. Entertainer of the Year??

I watched about 5 minutes of the show, which was about 4 minutes more than I watched last year, and the only reason I watched that much of the show was because I happened to turn it when Martina McBride was doing the tribute to Barbara Mandrell. I thought that was nice, but Roy Clark and Charlie McCoy were also elected to the Hall of Fame. I know that they no longer highlight the Hall of Fame members on the CMA show, but if you are going to give a tribute to one, you should give it to all three. Barbara did mention their names, but I did not hear of any other tribute being done for them. I still remember a few years ago when Porter Wagoner was elected, Dolly Parton gave a tribute to Porter and he came up on stage, much like Barbara did last night, and thanked everyone. Bill Carlisle was also elected that year, and all he got was to stand up in the audience and wave. Not right!!!


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  2. Taylor Swift entertains better than she sings. In my opinion, her live singing is like fingernails on a chalkboard. However, she has some songwriting talent and some acting skills. So, although I don't think she deserved Entertainer of the Year, I can see giving her that ahead of giving her Female Vocalist. Usually, someone who can sing wins that.

    It's a travesty that they have 3 freaking hours to parade a lot of this stuff that they are calling country music, and yet little time for the HOF inductees. The highlight of the CMA Awards used to be the announcement of the Inductees into the HOF. I know they do it up nice down at the Ford Theatre now for the inductees each year, but few see it, and it is a disservice to country music not come up with more of a tribute for these inductees on the annual awards show seen by millions. It would also be good publicity for the HOF if they would expose it more on the awards broadcast.

  3. I have nothing to say that can improve on the above post! But I remember the year that Lionel Richie was on the CMAs to do a duet with Kenny Rogers. Johnny Russell called Irving Waugh, who was in charge, and said, "Wasn't Michael Jackson available?" It's the COUNTY Music Awards, and that's why Jean Shepard said CMA stands for County My A--, and that helps explain why she is not yet in the Hall of Fame.

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