Sunday, December 6, 2009

Grand Ole Opry on Sirius

I have Sirius Radio, which I have had pretty much since it started. Of course, back then WSM was part of the package, so you got the Opry every Friday and Saturday night. Recently, Sirius has had the Tuesday Night Opry, Opry Country Classics and the Friday and Saturday Grand Ole Opry shows on their schedule, but on a one week delay with no commercials, which made for short shows, and cut up shows. They started the replays at 8 on Friday night and 7 on Saturday night. And, since the Opry is on live at the same time on WSM, on my car radio, I would keep switching between the 2. Confusing, but interesting. Now, last Friday night, I turn to Sirius at 8, and no Friday Night Opry. No mention of it at all. I keep checking. Then, later in the evening, I check again, and it is now on, but not a replay, put that night's show. Here is what I found out: Sirius is now broadcasting the Friday and Saturday Opry shows on a delayed, same night basis at 9. They still play the show without the commericals, so it still makes for a cut up show. (I am thinking the 1 hour delay gives them time to edit the show). Sirius no longer broadcasts the Tuesday Night Opry.

That is the story on Sirius, how about XM? I know they were doing the Opry live for years, but have they changed?


  1. Hi Byron. . .They are doing the same thing now on XM. It confused me too initially but came to the same conclusion you did, starting later gives them time to edit the commercials. I would rather just have it live with commercials, so I've instead been listening to WSMonline. The irritating thing I've noticed about the online feed though is that occasionally WSMonline only commercials for things like the Roots show and Honest Abe log homes will interrupt the middle of the Opry broadcast. Last Saturday these internet only commercials blocked out about 7 mins of Opry programming, for example, from about 12-12:10 eastern. Hope it just a technical problem and this will stop happening.

    On other thing about the XM broadcast. If you have Dish Network and since they have switched the Opry to the Roadhouse channel, you can get the Opry on channel 6062.

    I believe they are not airing Tues show on XM either although I will check tomorrow.

  2. I have Direct TV, and they have the Roadhouse channel also. I agree about the on-line feeds and I have noticed the same thing. As far as they delayed broadcast, I notice that once in a while, one of the hosts will sneak in a word about a sponsor that is in a spot in the show that they cannot cut out. Ricky Skaggs and Marty Stuart are pretty good at doing that.