Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Garth Brooks--Birthday Bash?

Garth Brooks has a habit of showing up at the Opry about every five years. He performed on the Opry during the 75th birthday celebration and also during the 80th. His only other recent Opry appearance was to introduce Carrie Underwood as the newest member, but he did not perform.

This year is the Opry's 85th birthday and it takes place the weekend of October 8th and 9th. There has been speculation whether Garth would possibly appear at the Opry for the birthday celebration or even for the re-opening of the Opry House, which right now is targeted for October 1st or October 5th.

Last night, Garth released his latest round of dates for his Las Vegas performances that take place at the Encore Theater. The announced dates might reveal a clue. He is scheduled in Vegas the weekend of Oct 1-3, which would rule out performing on the Opry if it returned to the Opry House October 1st. However, he would be free on the 5th. Also, his other announced date for Las Vegas in October is the weekend of Oct 22-24, which leaves him free to perform on the Opry during the birthday bash.

I know Garth is basically retired and makes few appearances, but he seems to answer the phone when Pete Fisher calls. Garth's presence at the Opry for it's return to the Opry House would be big news and really cap off the evening. And, when all is said and done, Garth is probably the Opry's biggest star (even thourgh he rarely appears).

Just something to maybe look for during October as the Opry returns to the Opry House and the birthday bash takes place.


  1. In my mind, if Garth can do weekends at the Wynn Las Vegas--including a private jet to get him to and fro--he can get himself to the Opry for the birthday bash. If someone is already obligated, ok. If not, everybody who can be there should be there, and should be on.

  2. I agree with that comment. I know that many of the artists have personal appearances already planned, but the Opry knows so far in advance when the birthday bash is, there is no reason for all the Opry members not to be there.

    You can bet that if the Opry suddenly announced that they were filming it for a primetime network special, everyone would suddenly be available. It's the priorities that the artists make.