Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Couple Of Notes Regarding Charlie Louvin

I just wanted to pass along a couple of items and throughts regarding Grand Ole Opry member Charlie Louvin, who recently celebrated his 83rd birthday and is recovering from cancer surgery. Regarding the surgery, from everything I have read and heard, he is home and recovering, although no details have been released.

On the positive side, Charlie just released a new CD called, "Hickory Wind: Live at the Gram Parsons Guitar Pull." I have listened to the CD and it is pretty good. It has a good mix of material ranging from Louvin Brothers songs, to a Roy Acuff number. He also covers Johnny Cash's, "I Still Miss Someone", along with gospel music. As the title says, it is a live album. The reviews have been generally pretty good and from listening to it, his voice is solid. The CD is released on Tompkins Square Records and if you get a chance to listen to it, I hightly recommend it.

And, if that isn't enough, word comes that Charlie has signed with a new record label and will be releasing yet another new album this fall. He has signed with a Canadian label, True North Records. They have already picked a title for the CD, "The Battle Rages On". The CD will feature not only Charlie, but special guests Del McCoury and Jamie Dailey, of Dailey & Vincent.

For a man battling cancer, Charlie is remaining very active. And, he is still planning on returning to live performances by the end of August.

On an editorial note, I cannot believe that someone this active and with the number of fans that he has, is only scheduled for about 1 Opry show a month!!! With the number of CDs that he has recorded over the past several years and the active touring schedule he has, he is one of the most active Opry members. Yet, he is hardly asked to do the Opry. He is a Hall of Famer and always well received at the Opry. He is a legend who is looked up to by many of today's country stars, most notably Emmylou Harris.

Nothing against Jimmy C. Newman, as I enjoy him a lot. But, Jimmy C. is on the Opry everyweek and has not had even close to the number of hits Charlie has had. And Jimmy basically does nothing else but the Opry. I like Jan Howard very much and she still has a great voice. Yet, she is on the Opry every week. And, like Jimmy C., Jan has not come close to the number of hit records that Charlie has had. And, all 3 are close to the same age. Jimmy C. Newman and Jan Howard should be on the Opry everyweek. And, so should Charlie Louvin!!!!


  1. I am not sure that Jan Howard is on each week, although she has been on more often lately. I don't dispute you on Jimmy C. Newman, although the fact that he is the only Cajun Opry member and thus adds a special variety may have something to do with it.

    That said, I find the Opry management to be horrible in its treatment of the senior members and thus of those of us who are fans of the Opry.

  2. Yeah, I think who ever is running the Show,at the Opry,is got a bit of the "New Country Radio" fever. They don't hold respect to the senior members,and are trying to attract to younger stars, and new variety of music, that is listed under Country. And what was wrong,with the old red barn backdrop ? I know everything can't stay the same, and new is good. I wish Eddie Stubbs,was president of the whole thing.