Monday, April 4, 2011

Tuesday Night Opry 4/5 & Opry Country Classics 4/7

As of Monday night, Jimmy Dickens is still on the schedule for this weeks Tuesday Night Opry. We shall see as it has been 3 weeks since his last Opry appearance.

Tuesday Night Opry 4/5

7:00: Riders In The Sky
7:30: Jean Shepard; Sam Bush
8:15: Bill Anderson; Bucky Covington
8:45: Jimmy Dickens; Restless Heart

The line up for Opry Country Classics 4/7

Host: Larry Gatlin
Spotlight Artist: Charlie Daniels Band
Also Appearing: Suzy Bogguss; Elizabeth Cook; Jim Lauderdale; Jimmy C. Newman


  1. Frankly, I'm a little disappointed at how anemic the whole Opry Country Classics thing has turned out to be. I mean, come on...Suzy Bogguss, Elizabeth Cook and Jim Lauderdale are talented performers but I'm not paying 55 bucks a ticket so see them. Charlie Daniels, yes...but only if he's playing the whole 2 hours.

  2. Last week was a good line up to start this series, but you are right about this week's show. At over $50 for a top ticket, they have to do better. But then again, the same thing is happening many Friday and Saturday nights at the Opry. High prices and few performers, with some of those performers being 'lower-end' folks.

    Of course the line up for the Tuesday Night Opry this week is not much better, considering the price.

  3. I am hearing that Rhonda Vincent has been added to tonight's Tuesday Night Opry.

  4. FYI, Jimmy Dickens was back tonight and he sounded pretty good considering he has been away sick for 3 weeks.

  5. Glad to hear the news about The Potato. Granted, we don't know WHY he was out, so it may not have been something that would have affected his voice.

    I didn't get to hear the show ... but for heaven's sake, will they ask Rhonda to join the cast already?!

  6. I agree, Jimmy sounded pretty good. I am also sure that you heard him say that he had been in and out of Vanderbilt Hospital for the past several weeks and thanked the people there.

  7. Regarding the Opry Country Classics show this week, WSM is selling tickets for $6.50 through a promotion. Sounds like to me the tickets are not going very fast at the retail price.

  8. I think the current Opry management, like a lot of other entertainment producers I know, is operating on the assumption that slapping it's "brand" on a product makes that product twice as valuable. With every dollar being squeezed people are looking past the name on the package and looking for quality inside...and the Opry product seems to vary widely from week to week. For some reason, that seems to be a concept that most producers either don't get or simply refuse to accept.

    They also seem to be convinced that because the Opry is a unique show that it doesn't have any competition. The truth is, the Opry is competing with every other entertainment option in town...from a concert downtown to staying home and watching TV. With the park and the mall gone, they no longer have the luxury of a ready-made crowd so it's even more important to offer a product that people are willing to make a special trip out on Briley Parkway to see.