Monday, January 9, 2012

Charlie Collins

I received word this morning from a couple of people that Charlie Collins, who spent many years with Roy Acuff as one of his Smoky Mountain Boys, suffered a massive stroke on Sunday and is in the hospital in critical condition. Thoughts and prayers are with Charlie and his family. Since Roy's passing, Charlie has played guitar for the square dancers, joined by Earl White on fiddle. As I receive more information, I will pass it along.


  1. This is certainly not a good way to start the year. I am listening to Eddie Stubbs right now hoping to get an update but so far nothing has been reported.

  2. Charlie Collins Great GranddaughterJanuary 10, 2012 at 12:11 AM

    That is my great grandfather. According to my mother, who has been in the hospital with him and my great grandmother Agnus Collins, He had a blood vessal errupt due to blood thiners in the right side of is brian. Because of this the blood is slowly pushing his brian to the left side of his skul resulting in his brian being crushed. The doctors say he can not ever recover. All of his organs are working fine and he can breath on his own yet is in a comma. please keep us and him iin your prayers. Thank you.

  3. We're so sorry to see and hear this news, and you and your family are in our thoughts. Your great-grandpa has given us a lot of pleasure and great music for a lot of years.

  4. So sorry to hear this. Charlie has been a true blessing to the music we all love.

  5. I wish that the news was better, but thanks for taking the time to clarify and update us. Charlie is such a fine person and has been a part of the Opry for many, many years. Prayers and thoughts will continue to be with him and with your family.


    1. Any updates on Charlie?