Saturday, January 14, 2012

Information on Posting on the Blog

As I am sure some of you have noticed, and based on the emails I am receiving I know some of you have, the format has changed with the blog and it has resulted in some of you having difficulty leaving comments. First, I am sorry about what has happened. I admit, I am not a computer genius, but apparently what has happened is that Internet Explorer sent down some type of update or change in their program and as a result, if you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser, you are now unable to leave comments and your screen actually freezes up when you try to leave a comment. Again, I am sorry for this and if I could fix it I would. (In fact, if anyone has any ideas, send them or email to me (, and I will try.

I do know that if you use firefox or google chrome, the blog works fine. For me to comment, I did switch from internet explorer to firefox. Not suggesting anyone do that, but it is working for me. Perhaps the internet explorer issue will self correct itself and everything will be fine.

Again, I am sorry about this. I know one option I have is to switch to a different blog service but that would be a last resort for me. Anyways, for those who can comment, please continue to do so. I look so forward to reading them. If not, you can email me and we can trade comments that way also. The blog will continue so please keep checking and thanks again for your patience.



  1. Fred here:

    I may be back in business -- we'll see if this posts. Internet Explorer is our usual vehicle, but Google Chrome is an option, and by clicking on that I was able to reach the comments blog, no problem.

    Thanks for your efforts, Byron. We gotta have our fayfare!

  2. Fred, thanks so much. Glad you found your way back!!!!!


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