Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tuesday Night Opry 6/5 & Marty Stuart

With the CMA Music Festival getting underway, the Tuesday Night Opry this week will feature a pretty strong line-up, as will the Opry shows next weekend. There will be 2 shows on Tuesday night, the first from 7-9 and the second from 9:30-11:30. Both shows will feature Jimmy Dickens, Easton Corbin, Oak Ridge Boys, Bill Anderson and Carrie Underwood.

Also, in todays (Sunday), Tennessean, Peter Cooper has written a great article about Marty Stuart and how his career is going. I highly recommend it and you can view it on-line on the Tennessean website. It also lists the artists that will be appearing at Marty's Late Night Jam this week at the Ryman and they include, among others, Opry members Connie Smith and Stonewall Jackson. Nice to see Stonewall get some exposure and nice to see Marty still making a difference and remembering the history of country music.


  1. Really interesting feature on Marty, who seems to be in a position to do what he wants to do. I recall people saying in the 1980s and 1990s that Marty was three minutes away from superstardom, meaning he needed that big hit and never really got it. But how many who got that big hit, or others, never have gotten to do what they really wanted?

  2. Fred in Bismarck here:

    So true, Michael. Marty is blessed with a true passion -- country music -- that lets him enjoy himself outside the conventional measurements of success in the business. He has something for his mind and spirit to feed on besides the ego trips and other intoxicants that are the resort of so many shallower people.

    Signs of a smart man. He is richer for it, and so are we fortunate fans.

  3. First show was over at 9:52 PM. Not even two hours.
    Carrie Underwood did three songs, ending with "Jesus take the wheel." She was on stage thirteen minutes, which I'm betting is longer than most.
    What has happened to our show?

  4. Make that 8:52 Nashville time.....

  5. The sad thing was that listening to the show on the radio, it wasn't a bad show. But that is what you get anymore with the Opry, and the Tuesday Night Opry. I am sure those who spent $55 on their tickets were happy to see Carrie do her 3 songs.