Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wednesday Night Opry

Earlier in the year, the Grand Ole Opry announced that they were going to have Wednesday night shows this summer, and then nothing further was said. Well, today the Opry confirmed that the Wednesday Night Opry (sounds funny to type), will take place for 1 month, from July 18 to August 8. The shows will start at 7:00 and on the Opry website, they have Rascal Flatts listed for the July 25 show.

If nothing else, this will give Opry members another opportunity to get over to the Opry and support the show. But at the same time, you always worry that another weeknight show will delute the weekend shows, as if they can be any further deluted. As it is right now, the Tuesday Night Opry has had better acts performing on that show then they have had for some of the Friday or Saturday night performances.

I think this is another opportunity for people to see the Opry and to experience the show. But before everyone starts to complain about the additional week night shows, remember that when Opryland was open, especially in the early years, the Opry had shows all during the week, including Saturday and Sunday afternoon. So adding additional shows is nothing new for the Opry.

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