Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tuesday Night Opry 4/23 & Opry Country Classics 4/25

I haven't really spent much time mentioning the Tuesday Night Opry or Opry Country Classics since both have returned to the Opry's schedule after the winter break. Overall, the line-ups for the Tuesday Night Opry have been pretty strong and this week is no exception as Alabama and Shooter Jennings will be the headliners. Since they have gotten back together, Alabama has made several Opry appearances and they always draw a good crowd. This week's show is broken down into only 3 segments instead of the traditional 4.

7:00: Striking Matches; Jimmy C Newman
7:30: Jimmy Wayne; Del McCoury Band
8:15: Connie Smith; Shooter Jennings; Alabama

The spring series of Opry Country Classics continues with Larry Gatlin again hosting. As I have said before, Larry does an outstanding job hosting the Classics show and is perfect in this role. He tends to get a little excited at times, but he keeps the show on track and has fun doing it. The spotlight artist continues and this week it is Opry member and Country Music Hall of Fame member Mel Tillis.

The entire line-up this week included Craig Campbell, Mark Collie, Sarah Darling and Jan Howard. Nice to see the Opry book one of the bright young female talents in country music, Sarah Darling, along with one of the great female Opry legends, Jan Howard.

Finally, just wrapping up the Opry again from this past weekend, I thought both shows were excellent. Friday night, Diamond Rio was honored for 15 years of Opry membership and on Saturday night, Charley Pride was honored for 20. I like the fact that the Opry is doing a better job of honoring anniversary dates for its members, but as I have said before, I would like it more if they did it for everyone and not for a select few. In other words, don't leave out the legends.

As far as other thoughts, Jim Lauderdale stepped in on Friday night when Jeannie Seely cancelled out and did his usual fine job. He has a great voice and can belt out a good country or bluegrass number. On Saturday night, we got to hear Jimmy C Newman host a segment for the first time this year, and we got to hear Vince Gill get mixed up with his song, and as was commented earlier, it sounded like the band was playing one song and he was trying to sing another. And I give it up to Billy Ray Cyrus, who again did a fantastic job.

The Opry is fun and I hope all of you got a chance to enjoy it.


  1. What happened with Vince was the Opry at its finest: as it was known in the early days, a good-natured riot.

  2. I was the occ and Friday night opry tis week. It was my first time at occ. I liked the flow of that show with one host and not as many commercials as the regular opry. Also it seemed like as the host he ot to perform more songs the the guests. I think most guests that show got two songs.