Monday, March 30, 2015

ETRS Closes Music Valley Drive Location/Midnight Jamboree Suspended

It has been announced that the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree has been suspended and the Ernest Tubb Record Shop Music Valley location has been closed.

If I did the link right, you can read the entire sad story at the site I have refererence above.


  1. Hate to hear this. I never got to visit the famed place.

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  3. Fred, Bismarck:

    Thanks, Byron. It sounds like David McCormick is really up against the wall. I agree with a poster on the news-story blog that one could expect some country-music artists to step up. If they do, and something gets organized, I would be happy to contribute.

  4. Sorry to hear this. Ernest Tubb, his record shops, and the Midnite Jamboree did so much for Nashville and country music, it's sad it's coming to an end. I found out about Ernest Tubb through seeing these record shops in Nashville, and I got to find out about this great musician and businessman. Without these stores, I think old E.T. will become lost to new generations.

    WSM and the Ernest Tubb Record Shop has had a close relationship for decades. With all the millions they're shielding, they should be willing to forget the payments owed and just focus on keeping one of their longest running and most successful shows of all time running for years to come.

    I'd like to hear what Eddie Stubbs has to say about this.

    I'd like the show just to continue, regardless of who is on it. They can easily find a new artist who would jump at the chance to get exposure on this program. Also, they could try to find a performer who would be able to host the show weekly, possibly an infrequent Opry performer like Stonewall Jackson or Ray Pillow.

  5. Just a couple of thoughts and opinions on the Ernest Tubb Record Shop and the Midnight Jamboree:

    I like the idea of moving the Jamboree downtown back to the Broadway shop, but I don't like the idea of renovating the upstairs as a spot to host the Jamboree. I know the record shop itself is not the best place to host the show, due to limited space and sight, but I think that would be a good place to start, returning to their roots.

    While I am sad that the Music Valley Drive shop has closed, perhaps it will give David an opportunity to concentrate on the Broadway location, getting that built back up where the tourists are. With the Ryman, Country Music Hall of Fame, the new Convention Center and other activity downtown, you at least have the foot traffic, which was always there. And from my observations, people were buying. Not everyone is buying online music. They have to do a better job of marketing and putting their name out there.

    Now, in all the years of going to Nashville and the Midnight Jamboree, I did not know that the theater itself was a separate deal that they had to rent each Saturday night. For those who go way back, before the strip center was built that held the record shop and theater, among other stores, the record shop was in it's own building there. It was small and there was a side room for the Midnight Jamboree. When that was replaced by the strip center that holds the two theaters, the record shop and the other shops, David must have really thought that the area would continue to grow, signing a lease deal like that.

    As a point of reference, the Rudy family that is mentioned in the article are the Rudy's that own the sausage company. They own not only that strip center, but most of the land that is in the area along the parkway, back to the river. I believe, and I would have to look it up to be sure, that they owned the land that the Opry House is on, and where Opryland was. I do know that a few years ago, Walmart approached them about building a store across from the Opryland Hotel and it created a fight. Thankfully, no Walmart was built due to the traffic concerns that it could have created.

    David's other option, I suppose, would be to try to find a partner, or partners, that would be committed to continuing the record shops and show. I know Brad Paisley and his dad invested and helped to keep the Wheeling Jamboree going. I also know that Marty Stuart, among others, has hosted and supported the record shop and Midnight Jamboree for years. Perhaps someone like him could step forward and keep the enterprise alive.

  6. There's an article in The Tennessean about it too with quotes from Marty and Eddie Stubbs.


  7. I'm no expert in running a business, but I would think the first step should be to have the Midnight Jamboree return to the downtown location, right in among the CDs and vinyl.
    I would start the show right after any Saturday 'Opry held at the Ryman. I would think they could find starving musicians (Nashville is full of them) to put on a show on the cheap, if not for free. I would gladly listen to it. Surely WSM would be willing to offer the ET Record Shop some sort of a flowery deal on the broadcast fee, since over the years the ET record shop has spent a LOT of money on WSM ads.
    Just a thought.
    I worry about David McCormick and how this whole situation has likely affected him personally.

  8. Fred, Bismarck:

    Those who would like to help by taking out a $75 membership in Glenn Tubb's Midnite Jamboree Association can learn how at

  9. I just saw that they posted on the website that the Midnight Jamboree will resume on May 2. No location or details given.

  10. That's great news, but if midnight is the time and Music Valley Drive is the location, I don't see how things will improve.
    Who wants to attend a show two hours after the 'Opry is over?
    Midnight made sense when the second show was a given, but those days are gone.

  11. Isn't May 2nd when Reba’s on the Opry? There's still only one Opry show that day unless they already know a second show's going to happen and it just hasn't been posted yet.


  12. The latest information is that the Music Valley location of the Ernest Tubb Record Shop is still open. Also, a new report has stated some new information. It appears that WSM pulled the Midnight Jamboree off the air as David McCormick and the Midnight Jamboree has not paid for air time for a number of months and are behind on payments. Secondly, it has been reported that for months, the Midnight Jamboree has been using the Texas Troubador Theater at now charge, after David McCormick gave up the management of the theater. The theater is now a separate enterprise from the record shop. It would appear that if the Midnight Jamboree resumes on May 2, it will be from the Music Valley location.

  13. This is all very interesting news.... I plan on contributing, converting some euros to dollars, though the euro sucks right now. Doesnt matter. THough I am 42 years old, I have grown up with the Ernest Tubb Jamboree and have listened to it over here as loing as the internet has permitted me to do so.
    I would love to see it go back downtown, to its roots. Makes so much sense!!!!! Would be better off!!.
    I just dont want to see the legacy of Ernest Tubb disappear in the future. He is one of my huge country music heroes.