Monday, June 27, 2016

Tuesday Night Opry 6/28 & Wednesday Night Opry 6/29

The Tuesday Night Opry will have two shows this week, thanks to the presence of Grand Ole Opry members Rascal Flatts. They will be joined by Opry members Larry, Steve and Rudy Gatlin, and Bill Anderson. Also appearing on the first show will be the ACM Lifting Lives Campers. 

1st show
7:00: Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers; LOCASH
7:30: Frankie Ballard; Henry Cho
8:00: Bill Anderson; Parker Milsap
8:30: Rascal Flatts; ACM Lifting Lives Campers

2nd show
9:30: Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers; LOCASH
10:00: Rascal Flatts
10:30: Frankie Ballard; Henry Cho
11:00: Bill Anderson; Parker Milsap

And here is the line-up for Wednesday June 29

7:00: Riders In The Sky; The Swon Brothers
7:30: Emily West; Randy Rogers Band
8:15: The Whites; Mary Sarah
8:45: Parmalee; Ray Stevens


  1. I can feel the 'Opry I love slippin' away.
    Slowly, slowly, slippin' away.
    It will be gone in a few more (years).
    I can't stop the 'Opry I love from slippin' away.

    Three 'Opry members Tuesday night, a grand total of TWO on Wednesday night.

  2. Good one Nat Hill IV !! I did not hear the Fri Opry until the Sun re-run on XM - posted my comments back on the 6/24-6/25 page; lamenting the demise, seems like a broken record stuck in the groove though. . .

  3. So glad to see a photo of Jean Shepard on her son's Facebook page!

  4. Saw Trace Adkins over the weekend - he was terrific - sang every song he ever had out except one "She Thinks She's Just Fishin'" Darn! I LOVE that song but he was really very good - did not talk much at all, just did like Conway, just stood there and sang and he sounded great.

    Who opened for Trace? Frankie Ballard - LOVE this guy's clothing style - very country, so he looked great - he sang the songs I am familiar with from radio - all good - after that, that's where it tanked for me. If he wants to be considered a "country music" artist, he best start steering his ship thatta way. NOT impressed whatsoever in the rest of what he sang. Screaming guitars, banging drums, no fiddle, and no steel, no thanks. It's too bad, I was really looking forward to seeing/hearing him.