Monday, April 10, 2017

Tuesday Night Opry 4/11 & Opry Country Classics 4/13

Looking at the line-up for the Tuesday Night Opry, there are two shows scheduled as Grand Ole Opry member Keith Urban is scheduled to appear. Joining Keith on the first show only will be Opry members Rascal Flatts.

Tuesday April 11
1st show
7:00: Terri Clark; Del McCoury Band; Montgomery Gentry; Home Free
8:00: Rascal Flatts; Keith Urban

2nd show
9:30: Terri Clark; Del McCoury Band
10:30: Montgomery Gentry; Home Free; Keith Urban

A very strong line-up for both shows and I would expect both to be sold-out. Certainly as an Opry member, Keith is one of those who doesn't come around very often so it is nice to see him back.

Opry Country Classics, April 13

Host: Larry Gatlin
Spotlight Artist: Crystal Gayle
Also Appearing: Ashley Campbell; Gatlin Brothers; Chuck Mead; TG Sheppard

As with Dailey & Vincent, it is really nice to see new Opry member Crystal Gayle stepping up and appearing on the Opry stage.


  1. Couple notes...1) As I mentioned in a comment last week, I really can't wait to see Home Free back at the Opry. They have such tremendous talent and received as great a reception as I can recall in recent memory when they made their debut. 2) I don't pay close attention to the Tuesday night lineups, so is it normal for only 2 artists to play for an hour? I can understand for Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban given the popularity of both, but surprised to see Terri Clark and Del McCoury Band get an hour between them?

  2. In the past, there have been times when one act has been given an entire half hour segment. Actually, it happens somewhat frequently on the Tuesday Night show. Personally, I don't mind when they play with the format on the Tuesday night show. I think it works out well for those attending and listening when they can see and hear more of certain artists.

  3. I should clarify, I knew artists received the half hour on all the different shows, but I was surprised to see 1) it happen back to back leaving only 2 artists for an entire hour. 2) Normally such treatment is given to the current superstars, so was surprised to see Terri Clark and Del McCoury given they are not quite the superstars that I would expect to see receive the full half hours.

    No disrespect to either as well as I enjoy several of Terri's songs and just recently fell in absolute love with Del's version of Pride in the Name of Love with Dierks Bentley (I can't say I know much of Del's music but it is now on my list to learn).

  4. Joe, you will really enjoy Del McCoury. He is a true bluegrass legend and his band, which includes two of his sons, is outstanding.

  5. I also wanted to mention that the Opry is going to honor Keith tonight upon his 5th anniversary as a member of the Opry. Personally, it would mean more if Keith actually performed on the Opry, on a regular basis.

  6. Surprise appearance from the Oak Ridge Boys who joined Home Free to sing Elvira. Unfortunately, it did not sound that great streaming (neither did Terri Clark's segment). Not sure if the performances were just off or if it is audio issues.

  7. Blake Shelton also on tonight

  8. I like the surprise artists showing up from time to time.
    That way, one can always hope they might get lucky and hear something extra special.
    Think of the crowd that got to hear Merle Haggard, or Garth and Trisha.
    Life time memory stuff....

  9. I agree with the surprise factor being a good thing for the Opry. As my earlier comment indicated, I really felt something was up with the schedule including Del and Terri for an entire hour. I was actually thinking it would be an appearance by Garth since the surprise tends to be his MO. Gives us a couple artists who really need to come around more often to live up to their membership. Then again, if most of their material is going to be of the pop variety then maybe we are better off with them staying home.

  10. The good thing about the surprises is that it serves as a reminder that anything can happen there, and you're well advised to listen or to attend. In a funny sort of way, it's also a reward for loyal Opry fans. I think of one of my favorite TV shows, NYPD Blue. Jimmy Smits came back in the final season for a cameo and it was heavily promoted, and one TV critic said it shouldn't have been because it was really a reward for loyal viewers who had stuck with the show.