Sunday, September 24, 2017

Tuesday Night Opry 9/26 & Wednesday Night Opry 9/27

Before getting into the mid-week shows, an update on Jesse McReynolds. As of Sunday evening, Jesse has been making slow, steady progress. He has been eating a little and sitting up, along with resting at night. The doctors have said it will be a long and slow recovery process. Considering Jesse's age, I can fully understand that. He is not completely out of the woods as of yet, so the family is still asking that everyone keep Jesse in their thoughts and prayers.

As to the Tuesday Night Opry, there will be two shows this week with Grand Ole Opry members Rascal Flatts the featured attraction. Other Opry members set for Tuesday night include Lorrie Morgan, Bill Anderson and Dailey & Vincent:

1st show
7:00: Bill Anderson; Carlene Carter
7:30: Marshall Tucker Band; Lorrie Morgan
8:00: Dailey & Vincent; William Michael Morgan
8:30: Rascal Flatts

2nd show
9:30: Rascal Flatts; Bill Anderson; Lorrie Morgan
10:30: Marshall Tucker Band; William Michael Morgan; Dailey & Vincent

Definitely a very strong and solid line-up.

Now for the Wednesday Night, again a solid show but certainly not with the star power of Wednesday night. Chris Janson, fresh off his Nashville concert on Saturday night, gets the entire last half hour to himself:

7:00: Jeannie Seely; Exile
7:30: Bobby Bones; T Graham Brown
8:15: Ashley Campbell; LOCASH
8:45: Chris Janson.

Finally, Opry Country Classics takes place Thursday night at the Ryman Auditorium

Host: Larry Gatlin
Spotlight Artist: Bobby Bare
Also Appearing: Mandy Barnett; Craig Campbell; Gatlin Brothers; Jeannie Seely


  1. In his thousand appearances (I'm rounding up slightly), has Chris Janson ever had a half hour slot to himself?

    1. Best comment EVER on this blog.
      Thanks Joe!

  2. I am wondering that since Chris Janson is having a half hour slot to himself, could this be an indicator that an invitation to join the Opry is going to be forthcoming? Could it even happen on Wednesday night?

    1. The 'Opry has disappointed me so many times in the past on this Chris Janson membership issue, I'm not hopeful.
      Jerry Reed ---> "He who expects nothin', ain't gonna' be deceived! :)

    2. Chris was on "Live with Kelly and Ryan this morning." Nationwide, live, on CBS.
      Talked of sleeping in his car until he got enough tips on lower Broadway to get an apartment.
      Quite a life story. Hope somebody from the 'Opry was watching....

    3. I don't think it will happen tomorrow, but that was why I asked. I don't recall it happening, but I know I don't always see the mid week lineups when it would have likely happened. Also, there isn't anybody on the schedule whom I would consider a likely candidate to extend the invite. Of course they could always pull a surprise.

    4. 4 invitations to join in one year is stretching it. But new management....never know.

      Lots of walk on surprises have occurred to extent an Opry membership invitation in recent years.,

  3. The Opry tweeted that there will be a major announcement after sunset tonight.

    1. The "big" announcement was an upcoming Opry appearance by Brooks & Dunn. Well, ok.

  4. I rarely get the chance to listen to the weeknight Opry shows. Since there was two shows last night I happen to tune in WSM to see what Eddie was doing and didn't realize the Tuesday Night Opry was still going. Shock! I tuned to the wrong station, I was listening to the best of Southern Rock. Didn't check the dial, just turned it back off.

    Sorry folks but it gets under my skin that over the past 10-15 years, read Fisher era, we had to get rid of the gray hairs and some of our great veterans were kept from performing much if at all on the Opry. Oh, but it's okay to let all the old gray hairs of rock come to the Opry and have a place to play. Take it a bit farther, a lot of what has changed Country so much was people who tried to make it in Rock or Pop and when they flopped they came to Nashville and were accepted with open arms. We got the other genre's rejects and we are left holding the bag.

    Didn't someone once say money was the root of all evil!

    I'll crawl back in my hole!

    But first, any word on Jesse McReynolds?

    Knightsville, IN

    1. Jesse is improving and doing ok, considering what he has been through. His family posted a picture of him yesterday in his hospital bed reading cards and Mac Wiseman called the other day, the first phone call Jesse was allowed. They have said it will be a long recovery.

    JUST IN!
    Chris Janson was NOT asked (for the two-hundredth time), to be a member.
    After tweeting about his 'Opry appearance SIX times Wednesday.
    Way to go 'Opry!

    1. I listened just in case. I thought if it was going to happen it would have been last night with the promotion they gave Chris and an entire segment. But then, with Chris Young waiting for his induction next month, I figured it wasn't going to happen.

      And why am I getting a funny feeling, based on nothing, that Tracy Lawrence might be the Opry's next member? So far this year, it has been a veteran female, a bluegrass act, and now a contemporary male. Perhaps time for a veteran male artist?

      Just thinking aloud....

    2. Not sure how anyone found his performance last night; I found Chris's demeanor/performance to be a bit more subdued last night during his 25m (not 30 as they say) segment than any of the other 200 performances he's appeared on. Maybe it was just me.

      And I, like @David B, would absolutely love it if Tracy Lawrence were to be invited to be an Opry member; I think he would be a very good member.

      @Nat Hill IV - saw Chris on Kelly and Ryan - he was all excited - hopefully soon. Let's see what happens in the next year. I think the Opry has a tendency to invite newer acts, then reaches back to an older artist, newer artist, then reaches back again.

      I just hopped on at to see what the Friday Night Opry line-up looked like. They list two Friday night shows, but they show the same time - 7 to 9:15 - obviously something isn't right there. Byron, would you happen to know if there is one or two shows tomorrow night? A bit confusing there.

      And I don't know about anyone else, but I am really liking that Brooks and Dunn will be appearing on the Opry on October 11th. Read an old article yesterday where Ronnie Dunn wasn't at all crazy having to play the songs the Opry asks artists to - I know that to be a fact, though when Marty Stuart is on and it is a two show night, I don't recall there ever a time that he performed the same songs on the second show as he did on the first, which is just one of the things I love when Marty is at the Opry, you never know what you will get out of him the second show, heck I never know what to expect on the first show. Joe Diffie does the same two/three songs every time he's on ... how fast can I spell BORING!?


    3. I just hopped back onto the Opry site - they fixed the error - one show only tomorrow night everyone, enjoy the weekend shows.


  6. Tracy would be a good member. A solid 90's hitmaker, who's touring has slowed down and he could appear often. I was in high school much of the 90's and he was "big". He would draw that crowd for sure.

  7. I have no problem with Tracy Lawrence as a member.
    I have a BIG problem with overlooking a guy who comes every time he can, is absolutely on fire with the kids of today, and loves the 'Opry with all his heart.
    Chris appeared on CBS live Tuesday, bragging about Nashville, as an example.
    Will Tracy get a chance to appear on "Live with Kelly and Ryan?"

    Just so #$%^&* frustrating.