Monday, February 5, 2018

Chris Janson-Newest Member of the Grand Ole Opry

While performing a concert tonight at the Ryman Auditorium, Chris Janson was surprised by Grand Ole Opry member Keith Urban who invited Chris to become the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry!!!

This is something that many people have speculated, including myself, would happen at some point and tonight it finally happened. Chris has professed his love of the Opry many, many times and expressed his wish to become an Opry member. For Chris, tonight his dream came true.

More details to come.....


  1. Loving the new Opry management. I'll have to eat crow on this one; I've been saying this wouldn't happen until Chris had a few more major hit records under his belt. I'm very happy for him. He is a native of Perryville, MO., less than 80 miles or so from me.

  2. Congratulations to Chris!

  3. Just filling in a few little details:

    Chris was doing a concert at the Ryman Auditorium last night, his first one in Nashville at that building. During the show, Keith Urban came out and offered Chris the invite. There is a video of it on the Opry's Facebook and Twitter pages, along with a few others recorded by people at the show last night.

    Some have wondered about the timing of the invitation (a Monday night at the Ryman). I think there was a reason for it: the Country Radio Seminar is holding its annual convention in Nashville and the audience was filled with many of the national and local radio people who are attending the Seminar. I think the Opry was looking for some national buzz and exposure both for themselves and Chris, which is why I think they did the invite last night.

    Good move by the Opry and I think Chris will be another of those who will continue to support the show and show up. Time will tell but it looks like another good move by the current Opry management.

  4. If anybody ever earned--I mean, truly earned--this invitation, it is Chris Janson. Now I just hope the management will let him perform there as often as he did when he was a guest.

  5. Smart move. The energy Chris brings to the Opry has certainly become a selling point for the show. Gen Mgr Sally Williams just seems like a class act too. Never chasing the spotlight, but always the ever present anchor. The mark of a great leader, IMO.

  6. The very first time Chris Janson set foot on the Opry stage, I immediately became a fan and I couldn't be happier for him.

    I totally agree with @Michael, Chris has truly earned this membership by getting to that stage, I believe 200 times, that is some serious number of appearances. The invitation was made extra special with Keith Urban getting the honor of inviting his friend, and Keith was also invited to become a member on the Ryman stage by Vince Gill. Getting that invitation on the Ryman stage is extra special. Also on hand was Sally Williams who carried out the Grand Ole Opry mic stand. I think the only day that will surpass last night of being invited to become a member is the day he becomes a member. I think Ms. Williams is going to make her presence be known and I think that is a very good thing.

    While I have not heard or have seen an induction date, I see that Chris is scheduled to be at the Opry on Tuesday, February 20th and as always I will be sitting in front of my computer listening in to him and the rest of the line-up.

    Congratulations Chris Janson!!! You are very deserving of this honor, you have worked very hard to entertain your audience(s) and it has paid off with Opry membership.

    Oh and one more thing, please never leave your harmonica anywhere but in your back pocket as you two make quite the pair.


  7. I believe the 2/20 date was referenced last night, but to say specifically that it will NOT be the induction date and that it will be a "big" event later in the Spring.

    1. @Joe, you are correct, I just read Chris's appearance at the Opry on Feb., 20th will not be his induction night, that it in fact, be later in Spring. I watched several video's on the invitation but nothing was said about when he would be inducted or I missed it and I don't believe I did. Thanks. :-)


    2. I don't remember it happening lately, but maybe I am it common to have an invited member make an appearance in between his/her invitation and induction?

      Also, I found the video of the 20th and it was from Keith Urban. The Opry video is edited down, but it is just after 4:00 in the below video. It also includes more of the buildup and reaction although note it does include at least one use of language in it.

      One final note, Sally Williams was the one who brought the Opry mic out and tried to fade back into the background, but Chris specifically called her back out to the stage and introduced her to the crowd. You could really tell Chris likes/respects her with his reaction.

  8. I love it. I'm so happy. Congratulations Chris Janson. I'm so sorry i'm not able to see Chris LIVE!!! Bob

    I know his music isn't for all tastes, but Chris has made it very VERY CLEAR he'd do anything for the opry and WSM. He's proven that by making so SO MANY appearances. Now, the only one left on my list of musts is Mark Wills! While not having a hit in decades, he was a big BIG deal in the 90s, and has probably made more opry appearances than almost any non member.

  10. I was on the 2018 Country Music Cruise (huge 'Opry influence by the way) and at an 'Opry trivia event where I finished third, that they announced that Chris had been invited to join the 'Opry.
    My enthusiastic and quite loud "It's about time!" wasn't very professional, but it sure felt good to let it out.
    So happy for Chris and for the 'Opry.
    It was indeed "about time!"

    The Country Music Cruise featured several 'Opry members, and the two best events were the Bakersfield show and the 'Opry show. Fantastic week all the way around.