Monday, April 23, 2018

Tuesday Night Opry 4/24 & Opry Country Classics 4/26

One of the newest Grand Ole Opry members, Chris Young, will be performing on the Tuesday Night Opry this week. Also scheduled are Tommy Emmanuel and Jerry Douglas. I always enjoy both and to see and hear them performing together should be something special.

7:00: John Conlee; Lindsay Ell
7:30: Tommy Emmanuel & Jerry Douglas; Drake White
8:15: Bill Anderson; The SteelDrivers
8:45: Chris Young

The Spotlight Artist this week on Opry Country Classics is Connie Smith. Another pretty good show scheduled:

Host: Larry Gatlin
Spotlight Artist: Connie Smith
Also Appearing: The Gatlin Brothers; David Ball; Elizabeth Cook; Don Schlitz


  1. Did anyone hear Marty and Connie visit with Eddie Stubbs last night? Eddie announced that he is recently engaged to a lady he has know since he was 15. She was in studio. Great to hear.

    Knightsville, IN

    1. Hi Jim ~

      I listened to the entire 3-hour interview with Marty and Connie. Marty needed to leave by 11pm as he was leaving for another gig, so it was about 10:40 or so when Marty stated that he needed his sunglasses because of the sparkler he was looking at. haha!!! It was then announced that Eddie Stubbs, did in fact, ask Miss Debbie, as he referred to his fiancee as, to marry him. I am very happy for Eddie ... I have listened to his night time show since he came to WSM in 1995 and I went on a Grand Ole Opry cruise back in 2004. He spoke to one of the country music audiences on the cruise ship of his divorce and how grateful he was and still is to Kitty Wells and Johnny Wright for bringing him to Nashville and helping him during the very dark days he was living through (as he refers to those days) ... he has been very open about this on his night time show which is how I can say all I am, I have heard it repeatedly on his radio show since I went on that wonderful cruise of which I met Eddie, such a nice guy. So I am very happy that he has found happiness - Eddie did ask Marty "you know how you have said it took you 25 years to marry Connie Smith" Marty said yes it did; Eddie replied "it has taken me 42 years, I have known Debbie since 1976." There was no wedding date announced but I'm sure I'll find out and I'll be sure to make their announcement right here on Byron's blog - hahaha!!!

      And yes, Debbie was there and spoke, very little as she was very soft spoken - not like her fiance and his best friend - they have a great time, laugh alot and they ALWAYS play the best country music, often songs I have never heard ... when Eddie and Marty get together it is just great radio. If Marty ever wants another day job, or he wants to switch musical gears, he just needs to become another Eddie Stubbs or they could be paired together on WSM. Country, bluegrass and gospel is what they play, song after wonderful song.

      Congratulations to Eddie and Debbie.


  2. I went to bed and missed the announcement.
    Thanks Jim!

  3. Jim: I didn't know she was in the studio. I did hear them talking about it. Congrats to Eddie and the lady. Bob

  4. I'm glad for Eddie Stubbs, who is now--if I'm correct--#3 all-time in tenure for Opry announcers, behind Grant Turner and Hairl Hensley.