Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ralph Stanley

The Grand Ole Opry has lost another member as Ralph Stanley has passed away after a long battle with skin cancer. Dr. Ralph was 86 and was the last of the first generation of bluegrass stars still alive. 

Ralph Edmund Stanley was born on February 25, 1927 in Dickinson County, Virginia, where he lived his entire life. With his brother Carter, the Stanley Brothers formed the Clinch Mountain Boys shortly after World War II. After Carter's death in 1966, Ralph Stanley continued on with his solo career. Considered a part of the first generation of bluegrass performers, Ralph was a member of the International Bluegrass Hall of Honor, elected in 1992. 

While he first achieved recognition as a member of one of country music's best loved brother duos, Dr. Ralph Stanley's long solo career has earned him critical acclaim and the devotion of generations of fans. Born in the Clinch Mountains of Southwestern Virginia, Ralph's mother taught him the basics of the old time clawhammer style of banjo playing when he was young, around the time he and his older brother Carter were learning to sing in church. 

After returning from military service at the end of World War II, Ralph and Carter formed the clinch mountain boys, and made their first record for Rich-R-Tone label in 1947. The Stanley Brothers, with their signature mournful duets, went on to record for Columbia Records, Mercury and King, introducing what are now some of the most loved songs in the country and bluegrass repertoire. 

After Carter's death in 1966, Ralph began emphasizing a more mature, rural sound, build around his distinguished tenor singing and simple-but-driving, "Stanley style," banjo playing. Over the decades his band has included many promising young talents including Ricky Skaggs, Keith Whitley, Larry Sparks, grandson Nathan Stanley, and son Ralph Stanley II, all of whom eventually graduated to distinguished solo careers. A wider audience embraced Ralph's music in the '90s when he invited acclaimed artists such as Vince Gill, George Jones, and Bob Dylan to be guests on his albums. In 2002, he earned a Grammy award for his acapella performance of "Oh Death" from the award-winning "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" soundtrack. Among Ralph's many other honors are the Library of Congress's Living Legend Award and two honorary degrees (Lincoln Memorial University and Yale University) that led to his universal recognition as "Doctor Ralph." From his 2015 album "Man of Constant Sorrow," co-produced by Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale, the likes of Elvis Costello, Robert Plant, Josh Turner, and Dierks Bentley joined him, further affirming that Dr Ralph Stanley is an American treasure. 

Ralph Stanley joined the Grand Ole Opry on January 15, 2000, with Patty Loveless and Porter Wagoner doing the induction, an induction that was well deserved. 

In addition to seeing Ralph Stanley on the Opry numerous times, I also had the pleasure of seeing him in concert a few years ago when he came up to Ohio. After the show, he did a meet and greet, where he signed his autobiography for me, along with a Stanley Brothers CD. He was a gentleman in every sense of the word who never forgot where his roots were. 

Prayers and thoughts go to the family and friends of Ralph Stanley. 

Grand Ole Opry 6/24 & 6/25

The Grand Ole Opry is set to roll for another Friday and Saturday night and the line-ups have been posted. Some interesting names are listed, with the most prominent being that of Hall of Famer, and Grand Ole Opry member, Roy Clark. It is nice to see Roy back on the Opry for the second time this year. 

He is set to appear on Friday night, along with fellow Opry members Jeannie Seely, Mike Snider, John Conlee, Jesse McReynolds, Connie Smith and Riders In The Sky. Jeannie, John, Mike and Riders are also scheduled for Saturday night, where they will be joined by Larry, Steve and Rudy Gatlin, The Whites and Bobby Osborne. 

Among the guest artists this weekend, Friday night will feature a return appearance by Shenandoah. They had previously made an Opry appearance earlier this year, after being away from the Opry for decades. They sounded great and were very well received. Joining them will be another group that I really enjoy and that is Fiddlin' Carson Peters Band. I saw this group when they were performing at the Opry Plaza during last year's 90th birthday weekend, and they are really great. Carson is a very talented young man and his family does a great job backing him up. Also set for Friday is Carly Pearce and Darryl Worley, both of whom have made frequent Opry appearances. 

Saturday night will feature a couple of newcomers to the Opry stage, Brett Young and Town Mountain. For Town Mountain, this will be their Grand Ole Opry debut and they should fit right in, being a string band from North Carolina. Both will be joined by Smithfield, Keith & Kristyn Getty and Mandy Barnett. 

Friday June 24
7:00: Jeannie Seely (host); Carly Pearce; Mike Snider
7:30: John Conlee (host); Jesse McReynolds; Shenandoah
8:15: Connie Smith (host); Roy Clark
8:45: Riders In The Sky (host); Fiddlin' Carson Peters Band; Darryl Worley

Saturday June 25
7:00: Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers (host); Smithfield; Mike Snider
7:30: Jeannie Seely (host); The Whites; Keith & Kristyn Getty
8:15: John Conlee (host); Bobby Osborne & The Rocky Top X-Press; Brett Young; Opry Square Dancers
8:45: Riders In The Sky (host); Town Mountain; Mandy Barnett

That comes out to 11 acts on Friday night, of whom 7 are Opry members, and 12 acts on Saturday night, again with 7 members of the Opry. 

And now, here is the posted Grand Ole Opry line-up from five years ago this weekend, June 24 & 25, 2011: 

Friday June 24
7:00: Riders In The Sky (host); Jimmy C Newman; Jim Lauderdale
7:30: Jimmy Dickens (host); Bobby Osborne & The Rocky Top X-Press; Buddy Jewell
8:15: Ray Pillow (host); Bucky Covington; Del McCoury Band
8:45: Mike Snider (host); Connie Smith; Crystal Gayle

Saturday June 25
7:00: Jimmy Dickens (host); Jesse McReynolds; Frankie Ballard
7:30: The Whites (host); Jimmy C Newman; Del McCoury Band
8:15: Ray Pillow (host); Foster & Lloyd; Opry Square Dancers
8:45: Jim Ed Brown (host); Connie Smith; Dailey & Vincent

Now from ten years ago, the weekend of June 23 & 24, 2006:

Friday June 23
8:00: Jeannie Seely (host); The Whites; Old Crow Medicine Show
8:30: Jimmy C Newman (host); Mel McDaniel; Jesse McReynolds & The Virginia Boys; George Canyon
9:00: John Conlee (host); Connie Smith; The Vanderbilt Kennedy Music Camp Performers; Rodney Atkins
9:30: Jim Ed Brown (host); w/Helen Cornelius; Jan Howard; Bobby Osborne & The Rocky Top X-Press; Jeff Bates

Saturday June 24
1st show
6:30: John Conlee (host); Connie Smith; John Cowan
7:00: Jim Ed Brown (host); w/Helen Cornelius; Eddy Raven; Old Crow Medicine Show
7:30: Jimmy C Newman (host); Rodney Atkins; Mountain Heart
8:00: Jeannie Seely (host); Charlie Walker; Alecia Nugent; Opry Square Dancers
8:30: Ricky Skaggs (host); Jennifer Hanson; The Whites

2nd show
9:30: John Conlee (host); Connie Smith; Old Crow Medicine Show
10:00: Jim Ed Brown (host); w/Helen Cornelius; Eddy Raven; Mountain Heart
10:30: Jimmy C Newman (host); Billy Yates; Alecia Nugent; Opry Square Dancers
11:00: Ricky Skaggs (host); The Whites; Rodney Atkins
11:30: Jeannie Seely (host); Jennifer Hanson; John Cowan

Finally, from fifteen years ago, the weekend of June 22 & 23, 2001: 

Friday June 22
7:30: Porter Wagoner (host); Connie Smith; Bill Carlisle; The Derailers
8:00: Jeannie Seely (host); Stu Phillips; Hal Ketchum
8:30: Jimmy Dickens (host); Jan Howard; Charlie Walker; David Ball
9:00: Bill Anderson (host); Charlie Louvin; Leslie Satcher; Jimmy C Newman
9:30: Jim Ed Brown (host); The Whites; Mandy Barnett

Saturday June 23
1st show
6:30: Jimmy C Newman (host); Connie Smith; Bill Carlisle; Danni Leigh; Mike Snider
7:00: Porter Wagoner (host); Jan Howard; Stonewall Jackson; Mandy Barnett
7:30: Bill Anderson (host); David Ball; Hal Ketchum
8:00: Jim Ed Brown (host); Del Reeves; Opry Square Dance Band; Melvin Sloan Dancers
8:30: Jimmy Dickens (host); Jeannie Seely; Mandy Barnett

2nd show
9:30: Porter Wagoner (host); Connie Smith; Roy Drusky; Hal Ketchum
10:00: Jimmy Dickens (host); Del Reeves; Jimmy C Newman; David Ball
10:30: Jeannie Seely (host); Hank Locklin; Mandy Barnett; Opry Square Dance Band; Melvin Sloan Dancers
11:00: Bill Anderson (host); Mike Snider
11:30: Jim Ed Brown (host); Ray Pillow; Charlie Nagatani; Danni Leigh

For this week's featured Opry line-up, it was 50 years ago Saturday night, as on June 25, 1966 Willie Nelson performed his final time as a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Willie had joined the Opry in November 1964. It has been written and documented many times that Willie felt that Nashville and the Opry were just not right for him, as his career as a singer was not going anywhere. Willie made the decision to return to the Austin, Texas area, and the rest is history. Here is the running order from Willie's final night as an Opry member. 

6:30: Mrs Grissoms
Ernest Ashworth (host) (?)

6:45: Rudy's
Bill Anderson (host): Po Folks
Jeannie Seely: Don't Touch Me
Jimmy Gately: Old Faithful
Bill Anderson: I Love You Drops

Osborne Brothers (host): Up This Hill & Down
Billy Walker: Funny How Time Slips Away
Connie Smith: If I Talk to Him
Roy Drusky: Rainbows & Roses
Osborne Brothers: (?)
Roy Drusky: Alone with You

Connie Smith: Even Tho
Billy Walker: Down to My Last Cigarette
Osborne Brothers: I'll Be Alright Tomorrow
Jerry Byrd: The Married Man

7:30: Luzianne
George Morgan (host): No Man Should Hurt As Bad As I Do
Dottie West: Would You Hold It Against Me
Del Wood: Rainbow
Chuck Wagon Gang: I'm Getting Ready
George Morgan; Almost
Stu Phillips: Mansion on the Hill
Dottie West: Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me
George Morgan: Who, At My Door Is Standing

8:00: Martha White
Porter Wagoner (host): Country Music Has Gone to Town
Osborne Brothers: Up this Hill & Down
Crook Brothers: Sally Goodin
Archie Campbell: Comedy
Cousin Jody: Wabash Cannonball
Porter Wagoner: I Dreamed I Saw America on Her Knees
George McCormick: Where the Old Red River Flows
Osborne Brothers: Hard Time
Mack MaGaha: Katy Hill

8:30: Stephens
Ernest Tubb (host): Two Glasses Joe
Loretta Lynn: You Ain't Woman Enough
Wilburn Brothers: I Can't Keep Away From You
Willie Nelson: I Love You Because
Ernest Tubb: Letters Have No Arms
Loretta Lynn: Before I'm Over You
Wilburn Brothers & Loretta Lynn: Put It Off Until Tomorrow
Willie Nelson: I'm Still Not Over You
Ernest Tubb: Give Me A Little Old Fashioned Love

9:00: Pet Milk
Hank Locklin (host): Crying Time
Jean Shepard: Ain't You Ashamed
Ray Pillow: Common Cold & A Broken Heart
Bill Carlisle: Take This Country Music & Shove It
Hank Locklin: Send Me the Pillow You Dream on
Duane Dee: Danny Boy
Jean Shepard & Ray Pillow: I'll Take the Dog
Bill Carlisle: The Great Snowman
Hank Locklin: Y'All Come

9:30: Kellogg's
Hank Snow (host): The Count Down
Willis Brothers: Private Lee
George Morgan: No Man Should Hurt As Bad As I Do
Grandpa Jones: Kitty Clyde
Hank Snow: I've Cried A Mile
Fruit Jar Drinkers: Walking In My Sleep
George Morgan: You're The Only Good Thing
Grandpa Jones: Nobody Knows But Me
Hank Snow: I Don't Hurt Anymore

10:00: Schick
Bill Anderson (host): You Don't Want My Love
Dottie West: Would You Hold it Against Me
Ernest Ashworth: At Ease Heart
Bill Anderson: Bright Lights and Country Music

10:15: Pure
Porter Wagoner (host): Dooley
George McCormick: There's A Woman
Bill Carlisle: No Help Wanted
Porter Wagoner: I'll Go Down Swinging/I've Enjoyed As Much of This As I Can Stand/Misery Loves Company/Sorrow on the Rock
Mac MaGaha & Buck Trent: Turkey in the Straw

10:30: Harvey's
Ray Pillow (host): Thank You Ma'am
Jean Shepard: Many Happy Hangovers to You
Del Wood: Blue Moon of Kentucky
Ray Pillow: Six Days on the Road

10:45: Newport
Ernest Tubb (host): Thanks A Lot
Hank Locklin: I Can't Stop Loving You
Crook Brothers/Stoney Mountain Cloggers: Mississippi Sawyer
Ernest Tubb: Mr. Juke Box

11:00: Coca-Cola
Hank Snow (host): I've Been Everywhere
Loretta Lynn: You Ain't Woman Enough
Wilburn Brothers: I Can't Keep Away From You
Fruit Jar Drinkers: (?)
Hank Snow: Down the Trail of Aching Hearts
Sam McGee: Victory Rag
Loretta Lynn: How Great Thou Art
Osborne Brothers: Hard Time
Hank Snow: I'm Moving On

11:30: Lava
Bobby Lord (host): That's All Right
Duane Dee: Take Good Care of Her
Archie Campbell: The Men in My Little Girl's Life
Willis Brothers: Diamonds On Your Hands
Chuck Wagon Gang: Cabin on the Hill
Bobby Lord: Lonely Street
Cousin Jody: Mocking Bird
Bobby Lord: Hawkeye

The name that some of you may not recognize from the Opry that night was Duane Dee. 

Duane Dee is an American country singer known for his many guest appearances at the Grand Ole Opry and also for a series of minor hits on the country charts, sometimes with songs that went on to be major hits for other artists.
Born in MilwaukeeWisconsin, Dee signed a contract with Capitol Records, and his second single was "Before the Next Teardrop Falls", which spent several months on the country charts before reaching #44 in early 1968. (In 1975 Freddy Fender's version topped the pop and country charts.) Later in 1968 Dee's original version of "True Love Travels on a Gravel Road" reached #58 on the country charts; Elvis Presley's 1969 version is probably now better known. Moving to Cartwheel Records, Dee had more minor country hits in 1971 with "I've Got to Sing" (#71) and "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?" (#36; a country version of a #1 hit by The Bee Gees). In 1972 he recorded "Sweet Apple Wine" (#64). Moving to ABC Records, Dee had one more minor hit in 1974 with "Morning Girl" (#88).
Dee now lives in BradentonFlorida.
I hope everyone enjoys the Opry this weekend!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Tuesday Night Opry 6/21 & Wednesday Night Opry 6/22

Here are the line-ups for the upcoming mid-week Opry shows: 

Tuesday June 21
7:00: William Michael Morgan; The Whites
7:30: Cassadee Pope; Del McCoury Band
8:15: Bill Anderson; Tracy Lawrence
8:45: Chuck Wicks; Charlie Daniels Band

Half of those appearing are Opry members, which is good to see. 

Wednesday June 22
7:00: John Conlee; Rhonda Vincent
7:30: Craig Wayne Boyd; Diamond Rio
8:15: Jeannie Seely; Mark Chesnutt
8:45: Brandy Clark; Chris Janson

Another appearance by Chris Janson who I think is still awaiting Opry membership. Brandy Clark is appearing in support of a new CD, as is Mark Chesnutt. This will be Mark's first new CD in a number of years. 

Two pretty nice shows scheduled!!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Grand Ole Opry 6/17 & 6/18

The Grand Ole Opry has posted the line-ups for the shows this weekend. Both nights look pretty good, with the edge going to Friday night. 

As far as Opry members this weekend, Lorrie Morgan is the name that stands out and she will be on both Friday and Saturday night, hosting segments. She will be joined both nights by fellow Opry members John Conlee, Mike Snider, Bill Anderson and Riders In The Sky. Friday night, both Bobby Osborne and Jesse McReynolds are scheduled, which is an odd occurrence as the Opry seems to schedule these bluegrass legends on opposite nights. Joining that pair will be Hall of Fame member Connie Smith. As far as Saturday night, the only additional member is Jeannie Seely.  

As far as guest artists this weekend, Holly Williams is set for both nights, joined by Love and Theft, Mark Wills and Lee Greenwood on Friday, while Jimmy Wayne, Jackie Lee, the great guitarist Tommy Emmanuel and Post Monroe will be there with her on Saturday night. The new name on that list is Post Monroe, who will be making their Opry debut. Post Monroe is a female trio consisting of Ashlee Hewitt, Whitney Duncan and Shelby McLeod. They are touring in support of their new EP and are listed on Rolling Stone's list of "New Country Artists You Need to Know." 

Friday June 17
7:00: Connie Smith (host); Love and Theft; Mike Snider
7:30: John Conlee (host); Bobby Osborne & The Rocky Top X-Press; Holly Williams
8:15: Bill Anderson (host); Jesse McReynolds; Mark Wills
8:45: Lorrie Morgan (host); Riders In The Sky; Lee Greenwood

Saturday June 18
7:00: John Conlee (host); Jimmy Wayne; Mike Snider
7:30: Lorrie Morgan (host); Riders In The Sky; Post Monroe
8:15: Jeannie Seely (host); Jackie Lee; Opry Square Dancers
8:45: Bill Anderson (host); Tommy Emmanuel; Holly Williams

That comes out to 12 acts on Friday night, 8 of whom are Opry members, and 11 acts for Saturday night, with 6 Opry members. 

And now, here is the posted Grand Ole Opry line-up from five years ago, the weekend of June 17  & 18, 2011:

Friday June 17
7:00: John Conlee (host); Jimmy C Newman; Little General Cloggers; Mike Snider
7:30: Jimmy Dickens (host); Jesse McReynolds; The Black Lillies
8:15: Ricky Skaggs (host); Connie Smith; The Whites
8:45: Bill Anderson (host); Bobby Osborne & The Rocky Top X-Press; Kellie Pickler

Saturday June 18
7:00: Jimmy Dickens (host); Jeannie Seely; Sarah Darling
7:30: Riders In The Sky (host); Jean Shepard; Charlie Nagatani; T. Graham Brown
8:15: Mike Snider (host); Jack Greene; Robin Meade; Opry Square Dancers
8:45: Bill Anderson (host); Jim Ed Brown; Point Of Grace

Now from ten years ago, the weekend of June 16 & 17, 2006:

Friday June 16
8:00: Porter Wagoner (host); The Whites; Little General Cloggers; 3 Fox Drive
8:30: Jimmy Dickens (host); Elizabeth Cook; John & Jonathan McEuen
9:00: Jean Shepard (host); Pinmonkey; Mandy Barnett
9:30: Jeannie Seely (host); Stu Phillips; B.J. Thomas

Saturday June 17
1st show
6:30: Jimmy Dickens (host); Connie Smith; Jimmy C Newman; Dale Watson
7:00: Jeannie Seely (host); Randy Houser; Jan Howard; Pinmonkey
7:30: Jim Ed Brown (host); The Whites; Melinda Schneider; Claire Lynch
8:00: Porter Wagoner (host); Jean Shepard; Jesse McReynolds & The Virginia Boys; Mandy Barnett; Opry Square Dancers
8:30: Riders In The Sky (host); Gail Davies; John Anderson

2nd show
9:30: Jimmy Dickens (host); Connie Smith; Pinmonkey
10:00: Porter Wagoner (host); The Whites; Randy Houser; John Anderson
10:30: Jim Ed Brown (host); Melinda Schneider; Claire Lynch; Opry Square Dancers
11:00: Jean Shepard (host); Gail Davies; Mandy Barnett
11:30: Riders In The Sky (host); Ray Pillow; Jesse McReynolds & The Virginia Boys; Dale Watson

Finally, from fifteen years ago, the weekend of June 15 & 16, 2001:

Friday June 15
7:30: Porter Wagoner (host); The Whites; Bill Carlisle; BR5-49; Pam Tillis
8:00: Jim Ed Brown (host); Eric Heatherly; George Hamilton IV; Mark McGuinn; Jack Greene
8:30: Jimmy Dickens (host); Jeannie Seely; Osborne Brothers; Jamie O'Neal
9:00: Bill Anderson (host); Sara Evans; Charley Pride
9:30: Vince Gill (host); Mike Snider; Brad Paisley; Trisha Yearwood

Saturday June 16
1st show
6:30: Steve Wariner (host); Connie Smith; Bill Carlisle; Osborne Brothers; Jim Lauderdale
7:00: Jeannie Seely (host); Jimmy C Newman; The Whites; Jim Ed Brown
7:30: Porter Wagoner (host); Chris Cagle; Mark McGuinn; Alan Jackson
8:00: Bill Anderson (host); Billy Walker; Pam Tillis; Opry Square Dance Band; Melvin Sloan Dancers
8:30: Jimmy Dickens (host); Del Reeves; Hal Ketchum; Charley Pride

2nd show
9:30: Porter Wagoner (host); Hal Ketchum; Chris Cagle; Connie Smith
10:00: Jimmy Dickens (host); Charlie Louvin; Jimmy C Newman; Charley Pride
10:30: Steve Wariner (host); Hank Locklin; Elizabeth Cook; Opry Square Dance Band; Melvin Sloan Dancers
11:00: Bill Anderson (host); Jan Howard; Billy Walker; Pam Tillis
11:30: Charlie Walker (host); Del Reeves; Mark McGuinn

It was on Saturday June 17, 1967 that Stu Phillips became a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Stu grew up in Calgary, Alberta. He grew up listening to the Grand Ole Opry on a small crystal radio set and as he listened to the Opry, he fell in love with country music. At an early age, he formed a band that performed at local events. He also worked at a local radio station were not only was he a radio announcer, but also producer and engineer. He was the host of several shows in Canada including "Stu for Breakfast," "Town and Country," and "Cowtown Jamboree." From radio, he moved to television, first as host of "The Outrider," then as host of "Red River Jamboree" which was a major Saturday night show on the CBC network. 

In addition to his television success, Stu began to enjoy recording success with his "Echos of the Canadian Foothills" album. After four more years with the CBC, he set his sites on Nashville, moving to the city in 1965. He started working for a local morning TV show and also signed with RCA Records. With Chet Atkins producing, Stu began hitting the country charts with songs such as "Bracero," "The Great El Tigre," "Vin Rose," and "Juanita Jones." After making over 20 guest appearances, Stu was offered Opry membership. He has toured in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, where he enjoyed great success. In 1993, Bear Family Records released a CD featuring 35 songs from his early Canadian albums. That same year he was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. In 1998, on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, Stu and his wife Aldona, became American citizens. In addition to being an Opry member, Stu is also an ordained minister and has owned a winery. 

While I always thought Stu was a fine ballad singer, his career never produced the big chart hits in America. And on his 49th anniversary as an Opry member, Stu is now retired and rarely appears on the show. 

Here is the running order of the 2nd show from Saturday June 17, 1967, the night that Stu Phillips became a member of the Grand Ole Opry: 

9:30: Kellogg's
Charlie Louvin (host): See the Big Man Cry
Willis Brothers: Somebody Knows My Dog
Bob Luman: Why Don't You Leave Me Alone
Fruit Jar Drinkers: Katy Hill
Charlie Louvin: How Great Thou Art
Bobby Lord: Life Can Have Meaning
Charlie Louvin: Off & On

10:00: Schick
Billy Grammer (host): Wabash Cannonball
Del Wood: Under the Double Eagle
Stringbean: The Big 'Um Got Away
Billy Grammer: Detroit City

10:15: Pure
Justin Tubb (host): You Nearly Lose Your Mind
Osborne Brothers: Roll, Muddy River
Cousin Jody: On Top Of Old Smokey
Justin Tubb: As Long As There's A Sunday

10:30: Buckley's
The Browns (host): Where Does the Good Times Go
Stu Phillips: (?)
The Browns: All of Me Belongs to You/The Fugitive

10:45: Newport
Roy Acuff (host): Wabash Cannonball
Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper: The Birds Are Back to Sing
Crook Brothers: Black Mountain Rag
Roy Acuff: The Great Speckled Bird

11:00: Coca-Cola
Bob Luman (host): Let's Think About Living
Marion Worth: You Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
Fruit Jar Drinkers: Fire on the Mountain
Duke of Paducah: Four Leaf Clover
Bob Luman: Memphis
Sam McGee: Amos Johnson Rag
Marion Worth: He Thinks I Still Care
Bob Luman: You Can Take the Boy From the Country

11:30: Lava
Marty Robbins (host): No Tears Milady
Ernie Ashworth: At Ease, Heart
Wilma Burgess: There Goes My Everything
Don Winters: Chime Bells
Marty Robbins: Tonight Carmen
Ernie Ashworth: Talk Back Trembling Lips
Marty Robbins: Don't Worry/Begging to You/Bouquet of Roses/I Could Never Be Ashamed of You/You Know How Talk Gets Around/Lovesick Blues/El Paso

Congratulations again to Stu Phillips on 49 years of Opry membership. It would have been nice if the Opry had scheduled Stu this weekend so he could have been recognized for his achievement.

I hope everyone enjoys the Opry this weekend!!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Tuesday Night Opry 6/14

Well, I hope everyone who went to Nashville last week for the CMA Music Fest made it home safely. From what I heard, the crowds were massive but it looked like everyone had a good time. 

Here is the line-up for the Tuesday Night Opry: 

7:00: Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers; Chase Bryant
7:30: Connie Smith; Aaron Tippin
8:15: JT Hodges; Dailey & Vincent
8:45: Tara Thompson; Craig Morgan

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Grand Ole Opry 6/10 & 6/11

This past week, Grand Ole Opry member Alan Jackson celebrated his 25th anniversary as a member of the Grand Ole Opry and to mark the occasion, Alan is scheduled to appear on this weeks Friday Night Opry. Alan will be recognized for his 25 years as an Opry member and I am sure he will also receive his 90th Opry anniversary block. While I like Alan and we know that within the next few years he will be elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame, he is one of those members from his generation that does not come around to the Opry that often. In fact, if we see him on the Opry more than once a year we are lucky. It's too bad as when I have seen Alan at the Opry, he seems to enjoy himself and the fans love him. 

Joining Alan on the Friday Night Opry will be three members of the Country Music Hall of Fame: Bill Anderson, Charley Pride and the Oak Ridge Boys. It is nice to see Charley back on the Opry as this year he is touring in celebration of his 50th year as an entertainer. Other Opry members scheduled for Friday include Riders In The Sky, Larry Gatlin and The Gatlin Brothers, Mike Snider and Jeannie Seely. Of those scheduled for Friday night, all with the exception of the Oaks and Alan will be returning on Friday night where they will be joined by The Whites and Bobby Osborne and his group. 

Guest artists on Friday include Easton Corbin, the ever popular Neal McCoy, and formal idol Scotty McCreery. The highlight on Saturday night will be Sara Evans. She always does a fantastic job when she appears, and she will be joined by Jessie James Decker, Mark Wills and Michael Ray. 

Friday June 10
7:00: Riders In The Sky (host); Easton Corbin; Neal McCoy
7:30: Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers (host); Mike Snider; Scotty McCreery
8:15: Jeannie Seely (host); Charley Pride; Oak Ridge Boys
8:45: Bill Anderson (host); Alan Jackson

Saturday June 11
7:00: Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers (host); Mark Wills; Mike Snider
7:30: Riders In The Sky (host); Jessie James Decker; Charley Pride
8:15: Jeannie Seely (host); The Whites; Michael Ray; Opry Square Dancers
8:45: Bill Anderson (host); Bobby Osborne & The Rocky Top X-Press; Sara Evans

That comes out to 11 artists on Friday night, 12 on Saturday night, with 8 Opry members on each show. And it would appear that Alan must not rate as highly as Martina McBride as he did not get the entire segment to himself as Martina did last week. 

With the CMA Music Fest taking place, there will be an Opry matinee on Saturday at the Ryman Auditorium. Here is the line-up for that show: 

3:00: Riders In The Sky; Margo Price
3:30: Exile; Mo Pitney
4:15: Jamie Lynn Spears; The Whites
4:45: Kristian Bush; Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers

And now, here is the posted Grand Ole Opry line-up from five year ago, the weekend of June 10 & 11, 2011. This was also the Saturday of the CMA Music Festival. The one item that stands out is that the Saturday night Grand Ole Opry actually consisted of all Opry members. 

Friday June 10
7:00: Jimmy Dickens (host); Connie Smith; Bradley Gaskin
7:30: John Conlee (host); Lauren Alaina; Scotty McCreery
8:15: Mel Tillis (host); Roy Clark; Billy Ray Cyrus
8:45: Charley Pride (host); Riders In The Sky; Josh Turner

Saturday June 11-Matinee
3:00: The Whites; Thompson Square
3:30: Bobby Osborne & The Rocky Top X-Press; Anna Wilson
4:00: Jimmy C Newman; Mandy Barnett
4:30: Crystal Bowersox; Jimmy Dickens 

Saturday June 11
7:00: Jimmy Dickens (host); Jimmy C Newman; Mike Snider
7:30: Roy Clark (host); George Hamilton IV; The Whites
8:15: Mel Tillis (host); Jan Howard; Jack Greene; Opry Square Dancers
8:45: Charley Pride (host); Jean Shepard; Diamond Rio

Now from ten years ago, the weekend of 9 & 10, 2006. Again, this was the week of the CMA Music Festival: 

Friday June 9
8:00: Porter Wagoner (host); Connie Smith; Ralph Stanley; Darryl Worley
8:30: Jimmy Dickens (host); Jim Ed Brown; Pam Tillis
9:00: Bill Anderson (host); Josh Gracin; Charley Pride
9:30: Lorrie Morgan (host); Steve Wariner; Brad Paisley

Saturday June 10-Matinee
3:00: Jimmy Dickens; Rodney Atkins
3:30: Porter Wagoner; Pinmonkey
4:00: Mel McDaniel; David Lee Murphy
4:30: Charley Pride; Sara Evans

Saturday June 10
1st show
6:30: Jimmy Dickens (host); Jimmy C Newman; Charley Pride
7:00: Pam Tillis (host); Gretchen Wilson; Keith Anderson; Montgomery Gentry; Chris Young
8:00: Porter Wagoner (host); Ralph Stanley; George Hamilton IV; Mel Tillis; Opry Square Dancers
8:30: Bill Anderson (host); Jack Greene; Riders In The Sky; Mark Wills

2nd show
9:30: Jimmy Dickens (host); Mel McDaniel; Jimmy C Newman; Montgomery Gentry
10:00: Porter Wagoner (host); Jan Howard; Ralph Stanley; Chris Young
10:30: Pam Tillis (host); Bobby Osborne & The Rocky Top X-Press; Mel Tillis; Opry Square Dancers
11:00: Bill Anderson (host); Jack Greene; Keith Anderson
11:30: Riders In The Sky (host); Charlie Louvin; Mark Wills

Finally, from fifteen years ago, the weekend of June 8 & 9, 2001:

Friday June 8
7:30: Porter Wagoner (host); Jeannie Seely; Billy Joe Shaver; Tracy Byrd
8:00: Riders In The Sky (host); Bill Carlisle; David Frizzell; Tammy Cochran
8:30: Jimmy Dickens (host); Stu Phillips; Osborne Brothers; Little General Cloggers
9:00: Bill Anderson (host); Jan Howard; Jimmy C Newman; Pam Tillis
9:30: George Hamilton IV (host); Jim & Jesse; Mike Snider; Gail Davies

Saturday June 9
1st show
6:30: Jimmy C Newman (host); The Whites; Bill Carlisle; Gail Davies
7:00: Porter Wagoner (host); Jeanne Pruett; Osborne Brothers; David Ball
7:30: Riders In The Sky (host); Joni Harms; Connie Smith; Dan Seals
8:00: Bill Anderson (host); T.G. Sheppard; Opry Square Dance Band; Melvin Sloan Dancers
8:30: Jimmy Dickens (host); Jack Greene; Mandy Barnett

2nd show
9:30: Porter Wagoner (host); Connie Smith; Osborne Brothers; T.G. Sheppard
10:00: Jimmy Dickens (host); Jeanne Pruett; The Whites; David Ball
10:30: Riders In The Sky (host); Gail Davies; Joni Harms; Hank Locklin; Opry Square Dance Band; Melvin Sloan Dancers
11:00: Jimmy C Newman (host); Del Reeves; Dan Seals
11:30: George Hamilton IV (host); Ray Pillow; Jack Greene; Mandy Barnett

It was on Saturday June 11, 1988 that Patty Loveless became the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry. 

Patty grew up in Kentucky and was one of seven children and she has distinct memories of listening to the Opry on Friday and Saturday nights as a child. She remembers going to the Opry for the first time when she was 14 years old. " I went as the guest of Dolly and Porter. It was the very first time I really got to visit backstage, and I felt like I was just in hillbilly heaven." It was several years after that visit when Patty, then known as Patty Ramey, was drafted to fill in at a traveling Opry concert on a bill that included the Wilburn Brothers, who, like Porter before them, was struck by this teen-aged prodigy with a voice beyond her years. She eventually became the Wilburn's full-time female singer out on the road, following in the footsteps of her distant cousin Loretta Lynn. During the mid-80s, Patty, then managed by her brother Roger, began a solo career that produced a long string of Top 10 hits and quickly led her back to the Opry. She says of the Opry, "It's very family-orientated backstage, whether you're a stranger that's in town and just coming to visit, or whether you might be a visitor of one of the artists that's an Opry member. It's kind of like your family having a reunion. That's the way they always treat us, every weekend." 

Patty, now 59, has had a career that has included 14 studio albums, 27 music videos, and 49 singles, 5 of which went to #1 on the Billboard chart. She also has performed harmony with a number of country artists on their hits. Patty has also won numerous CMA and ACM Awards and several Grammys. 

Here is the Opry running order from June 11, 1988, the night Patty Loveless became an Opry member: 

1st show
6:30: Mrs. Grissoms
Grandpa Jones (host): Stop that Tickling; Me
4 Guys: Some Memories Just Won't Die
Ramona Jones: Hey Boys, Grab Your Partner, Come On Out Tonight

6:45: Rudy's
Bill Anderson (host): Son of the South
Lorrie Morgan: Silver Wings & Golden Rings
Bill Anderson: Still

7:00: Shoney's
Jimmy Dickens (host): Me & My Big Loud Mouth
Skeeter Davis: The End of the World
Del Reeves: The Only Girl I Can't Forget
Charlie Louvin: I Love You Best of All
Jan Howard: Take Me As I Am Or Let Me Go
Jimmy Dickens: I Leaned Over Backwards for You

7:30: Standard Candy
Porter Wagoner (host): Dooley
Ray Pillow: Invitation to the Blues
David Houston: Have A Little Faith
Patty Loveless: If My Heart Had Windows/A Little Bit in Love
Porter Wagoner: I've Enjoyed As Much of This As I Can Stand
The Right Combination: Old Joe Clark

8:00: Martha White
Roy Acuff (host): Wabash Cannonball
Jean Shepard: A Tear Dropped By/Second Fiddle
Jack Greene: There Goes My Everything/Statue of A Fool
Roy Drusky: Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy/One Day At A Time
Larry McNeely: Amazing Grace (In Memory of Herman Crook)
Roy Acuff: I Saw the Light

8:30: Music Valley
Hank Snow (host): Send Me the Pillow You Dream On
Jeanne Pruett: Satin Sheets
Billy Walker: Wild Texas Rose
Holly Dunn: That's What Your Love Does to Me/Daddy's Hands
Hank Snow: Nevertheless

2nd show
9:30: Dollar General
Bill Anderson (host): Wild Weekend
4 Guys: What'll You Do About Me
Jeannie Seely: The Divorce Song
Wilma Lee Cooper: Loving You
Bill Carlisle: Leave That Liar Alone
Bill Anderson & Roy Acuff: I Wonder If God Likes Country Music

10:00: Little Debbie
Porter Wagoner (host): Y'All Come
Patty Loveless: A Little Bit in Love/If My Heart Had Windows
Porter Wagoner: I've Enjoyed As Much of This As I Can Stand

10:15: Sunbeam
Roy Acuff (host): Just A Friend
Del Reeves: Six Days on the Road/Truck Driving Man
Randy Pollard: Soppin' the Gravy/Brilliancy

10:30: Pet Milk
Grandpa Jones (host): Are You From Dixie
Stonewall Jackson: Don't Be Angry
Hank Locklin: Send Me the Pillow You Dream On
Alisa Jones: Golden Slippers

10:45: B.C. Powder
Jimmy Dickens (host): May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose
Crook Brothers/Stoney Mountain Cloggers: Sugar in the Goard
Charlie Walker: Fraulein
Jimmy Dickens: What Will I Do Then

11:00: Coca-Cola
Hank Snow (host): Bummin' Around
Justin Tubb: What's Wrong With the Way that We're Doing it Now
Jean Shepard: Many Happy Hangovers to You
Charlie Louvin: Loving Arms
Holly Dunn: That's What You're Love Does to Me/Daddy's Hands
Hank Snow: The Prisoner Song

11:30: Creamette
Jack Greene (host): Try a Little Kindness
Jeanne Pruett: Satin Sheets
Roy Drusky: Always
Johnny Russell: No One Will Ever Know
Jack Greene; There Goes MY Everything

Congratulations once again to Patty Loveless on her 28th year as a member of the Grand Ole Opry and to Alan Jackson on his 25th year as a member of the Opry. 

On a final note, the family of Grand Ole Opry member Ralph Stanley has asked for prayers as Ralph has been in declining health. He has retired from performing and has turned his Clinch Mountain Boys over to his son Ralph Stanley II. 

I hope everyone enjoys the shows this weekend!!!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Tuesday Night Opry 6.7

It is CMA Music Fest week in Nashville and as usual, the "unofficial" start to the week of music is the Tuesday Night Opry. Traditionally, it is one of the better Tuesday Opry shows and most years, this one included, has featured an appearance by Carrie Underwood. She is scheduled for both shows. Here is the entire line-up

1st show
7:00: Darius Rucker; Jeannie Seely
7:30: Chris Janson; Charles Esten
8:00: Bill Anderson; Little Big Town
8:30: Carrie Underwood

2nd show
9:30: Darius Rucker; Jeannie Seely
10:00: Carrie Underwood
10:30: Charles Esten; Lindsay Ell
11:00: Bill Anderson; Chris Janson

Two very nice shows to get the week started.