Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gaylord To Hold Press Conference On Friday

Colin Reed, CEO of Gaylord Entertainment said today that it could be up to 6 months before the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center reopen. He said it will take a week to pump the water out of hotel and then they would be able to look at the damage. He did say that Gaylord had $50 million dollars in flood insurance, and he did not know if that would cover all the damage. He did say that was the maximum amount that Gaylord could buy since it was next to the Cumberland River.

On an additional note, he said that Gaylord officials would hold a press conference on Friday to address the future plans of the Grand Ole Opry and the Wildhorse Saloon. Maybe by this time tomorrow we will have more information on the future locations of the Opry, the damage to the Opry House and how soon they expect to get the show back there.

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  1. So sad to see the site of so many great memories in this condition. The pictures are heartbreaking. Do you know if WSM will air the press conference in the morning? If not, do you know where else it will be available? My thoughts and prayers are with the great people of Nashville.