Thursday, May 5, 2011

Opry Country Classics 5/5

For those who are interested in the Opry Country Classics show, this weeks shows will have the Oak Ridge Boys as the featured artists. These guys really do need to be Opry members, but I understand that it is their choice. I have seen them on the Opry several times, and each time is a standing ovation as they are really crowd favorites. I am sure it will be the same tonight.

Host: Bill Cody
Spotlight Artist: Oak Ridge Boys
Also appearing: Mandy Barnett; Andy Griggs; George Hamilton IV; Ronny Robbins; The Whites; Billy Yates

What can you say!! At least this weeks show has 2 Opry members appearing, while only 1 last week and it is nice to see Ronny Robbins making another appearance on the Classics show. Now, if we can only get him on the weekend Opry, things will be good.


  1. I'd note that the Gatlins are now hosting the 8:00 portion Saturday night, and I'd like to say a nice word for them, because Larry seems to have gotten back "into" the Opry after too long an absence.

  2. I noticed that also and I agree with you that Larry seems to have gotten back into the Opry. Maybe hiring him to host the majority of the Opry Classic shows was a good idea and being back in Nashville on a regular basis and getting back in touch with many of the Opry's members, has maybe helped. Either way, it is good to see and I hope it continues.

  3. Also, if they did the right thing and put more of the members on here, the emphasis on the weekends on non-Opry members might be a little easier to tolerate.

  4. While I do like the Opry Country Classics shows, I still think they don't have it right. I have no problem with the younger artists being on the show and paying tribute to those artists that have passed away or are retired.

    But, there are plenty of veteran artists that are still active, and they should be on this show, singing their own hit songs. To be, this show would be ideal for people such as Bobby Bare, Jack Greene, George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gayle, Oak Ridge Boys, Mel Tills and so many others.

    If some of these veterans, including the Opry's veterans, were on this show more often, then I think it would take some of the sting away from their reduced Opry appearances on the weekends.

  5. I've thought the "Spotlight Artist" on past shows has been a little suspect. For instance, this week Pam Tillis is the spotlight artist and Bobby Bare appears as one of the other guests. If OCC was being programmed as it was originally described you would think that it would be the other way around.